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  • Can't believe I went to Miku Expo, hearing Miku's voice and seeing her on stage is unbelieveable. Love her. Also good to Rin, love her also. She also did a cartwheel, one hand cartwheel.
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    That sounds awesome!! I'd love to, someday. Congrats Adam!!
    Back home but got rest of the week off, but be going to hear shouting & screaming at home at sometimes. Well my dad had dementa & mum had to look aftr him & left her job, things at home is sometime depressing. Don't worry about me. Enjoyed it at London specially at Miku Expo. Be going to London again only time will tell. Be planning my next holiday and not sure I be having any. Need to be carefull with money.
    Enjoyed myself at Miku Expo 2020 even I had pain in my feet and was uable to ask some good Miku Cosplayers for photo & find cosplayers I like that attand. But would let that get to me. And met a cosplayerI like.
    Did anyone been to last Miku Expo and been ask for ID? I got E-ticket it has someone name on, the site said it has someone name but it still good to use, also they give some money back, meant to be send ticket but change to E-Ticket. It happen to some people that had concert e-ticket/ticket with someone name. It like a gift or someone. Feel bothered & nerves about it. Also got my Miku Expo mechs.
    Bought Glow Stick, Miku Wristband, Rin wristband, pouch bag and glowstick film set. Not sure when they come same with MIku Expo ticket. Need to book hotel & train ticket, be next month. Bought my ticket from Viagogo & hear bad things about them but I feel some had bad luck.
    Miku Expo 2020 mech is out, well shown online but not sure there be order online, I wanted to get glow stick even is so much money. Also few other.
    Been to Birmingham Comic Con on 16th, as you may see my Profile Pic I met a Hatsune Miku, show her some of my Miku stuffs and she say nice things on my badges and even a little nice chat. Met some other cosplayers. But apart from that it didn't go down well for me cos wanted to met three people I wanted to met but unable to find them, was frusrated and knackered by walking about and looking with many people. It was disappointing even met Hatsune Miku cosplayer.
    Hope to get my Miku Expo ticket it's November and order my in September. Book it with Viagogo, it said event organisers haven't released tickets, yet. Going to book my hotel next month and then my train beginning of next month. No more shared toilet & shower hotel and coach trip.
    Been to London Comic Con and enjoy myself but had money problem. Even with worry with money still go and carefull with money but topping up Osyter Card and paifor wifi cos my hotel don't have free wifi did give me money worry but enjoyed at Comic Con and met some great cosplayers, was looking for Miku and Rin. Did find Miku and Rin cosplayer but they had kids. Bit shy when it come to groups. Now it November, got wages and be saving up but buy few things and may go to Birmingham Comic Con. Be saving up big cos be going to concert first time (Miku Expo) & see more of London again.
    Feel it cost money to be a fan, I know money on signing autograph and photo sesson to goes to them but many people stuggling with money. I'm going to miss out, it annoy me so much these things. there something in con and London that will make happy.
    Been to Comic Con in my Hometown it was great, met some cosplayers and bought few things even had some money trouble but wouldn't get to me, my wages coming in next month. Got three days off so more sleep, need to tidy my room and also got dentists. Going buy storage box in next month or buy one this month. Having money problem. Shame I didn't met cosplayer I met before, believe she come to Leeds as she went to York few months ago. She will go to Brimingham I be unable to go.
    I'm going to London after all for Comic Con, but only Sunday and return home Monday, book a day off on Monday. Set off on Saturday. Hotel is over £200 but use coach as it cheap. But had to be on time. Had to buy mech online so I collect them when I go there . Also see bit more of London. Be going to London next also. Maybe my last con for this year but thinking of going to Brimingham but unlikey.
    Book ticket to Miku Expo in London next year. It be my first concert, excting but nerves as there be many people. Looking forward to see Miku and hopefully some fellow Miku fans. Also got two cons to go this month and thinking going to con in London this month but sadly bit problem with money at moment and train going to be problem. Try Birmingham but feeling unable to.
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