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  • Three convention experiences, I really enjoyed it and made me like meeting cosplayers well have picture and selfie with them. Would been great to talk to some of them, if they cosplay as characters I like. Unable to stop regreting leaving Anime Yorkshire early, also had some awakward moments. Met few Miku coplayers, would say I love Miku and have little chat if they not busy. I can be shy if there in group or few people and do worry making mistaking asking for taking photo and selfie and worry I'm scaring and make them feel uncomfortable. But were happy to let them photo of them and some with selfies. My next con be in October and planing next cons next year.
    Been to my thrid con, Flim and Comic Con on Saturday, at entrance was abit bothered cos when got my bags check, security question on why my bag heavy and even question on things I had in my man bag. And then I'm not allowed to bring my half litre Dr Pepper, I was little shock but so much. As for Con, it was great, met some great cosplayers and had photos and selfie with them. Even met 7th Doctor (Doctor Who) Sylvester McCoy and had a photo shoot on Back to the Future Car. and Also bought interest stuffs. Would of stayed abit longer and met some cosplayers, annyed stuggle with my tablet phone when trying to take photo and would come out. Better be careful what I bring to cons. My next con will be in October.
    Going to my thrid convention, it's called Flim and Comic Con in city called Sheffield. Looking forward meeting some cosplayers and hope some things to buy.
    Hope you have a good time! Regret not going now, could have met up aha
    Yes I did had a good time
    On Saturday 27, went to MCM Comic Con in Manchester. While waiting to get in saw a nice Hatsune Miku cosplayer. desparte to met her but by time got into con, unable to find her. Met many great cosplayers and bought some good stuffs. Regret not going to cosplayer hall would meet some more good cosplayers. Did met a great Hatsune Miku cosplayer she beatiful and cute. Took of picture of her but would of done a selfie as well.

    Here Hatsune Miku cosplayer I met at MCM Comic Con:
    On Saturday, I went to my first cons, called Anime Yorkshire. Met some great Cosplayers and have photos with few of them. Only bought 5 badges. Only been there for an hour, regret leaving would stay little longer, miss alot going on there. Did enjoyed myself there & photos with cosplayers are highlight. And one of them are Hatsune Miku (Seen in my Profile pic)
    Shock and sadden of what happen at Kyoto Animation, tragedy. Thay made great animes and seen three or four of them include The Slient Voice.
    Had a busy weekend, Saturday went to newcastle to see the famous dinosaur, Dippy (that used to be display in Natrual History Museum) at Great North Museum that also had a T-Rex. Had a good time even has some bad moments. Today, Seen two movies, Toy Story 4 and Brightburn, Before Toy Story 4, was annoyed with many kids about and had to buy 3d glass after just bought popcorn and had my ticket check. Saw some people in superheroes costumes,Superman, Batman, two Spiderman, Thor, Harley Quinn (Suidce Squad) and female joker, regrets so much not go up to them and had photos with them and of them but there many kids all over them and was nerves, and would old for it. But would go and just do it. And Brightburn doesn't help, didn't enjoy it. Worst movie I seen this year along with Hellboy. Toy Story 4 one of the best I seen. Looking forward to Spiderman.
    Yesterday, seen Avengers Endgame and enjoyed it. That all going to say. After that stright home and sleep until 8-ies evening.
    In England we (well some) celebrate a day called St George's day. Not everybody celebrate it. But I do. It bit like St Patrick's day, celebate day of English.
    Finally my 2 weeks off are here, been counting down since after my week off in January. Plus having Easter/Long weekend.
    Forgot that it was Miku day yesterday need to put in it my next year calender to remeber it next year. Do always remember her birthday.

    Credit to it artist of this art, not sure which site, got it from FB group.
    Watched Captain Marvel, it okay and like the cat. Really looking forward to Avengers Endgame & Shazam.
    Seen Lego Movie 2 and Alita Battle Angel at same day. Unikitty is my favorite Character from Lego Movie 2 & 1. And fall in love with Alita. There sence I hate.
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