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  • I'm sad right now because the amount of times that my posts get deleted on other forums is stupid, even though I'm always trying to follow the rules, recently I've had at least 4 of my posts taken down because they don't follow the rules (shut up BMF it didn't say that I couldn't post forums bish) but yeah I'm quite pissed right now at the forums right now. My album announcement was taken down (I forgot what it was, but yea makes sense I guess?) but then BMF (Beer Money Forum) decided to be a bitch and delete two of my posts because one of them was a competition to BMF (It was just spreading referral codes) and the other one was because no forums were allowed (but it literally says in the section description "Reviews of sites paying to write articles, posting in forums." so that's bullshit. Overall I'm fucking pissed :(
    Christmas List:

    • A charger/battery for that stupid computer that won't work
    • Miku V4X bundle
    • lmao still need Vocaloid 4 tho haha
    • Soft puzzle tiles (like the ones in preschool) to put on my wall because I don't want to punch my wall again in VR
    • Beat the meat Saber
    I have two things to say:

    1) I put Strawberry milk in my Calpico Strawberry bottle

    2) Ramune is overrated
    I'm releasing on Spotify and other platforms soon as "bluedm"!

    My debut single will be "playyy"

    Currently in the stages of releasing right now, and hopefully will be up in a couple of weeks! Can't wait for it to be out! (And yes, I will be getting verified ASAP)
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