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  • Finally found that one Zero-G facebook post that asked people what kind of library do people want to see next... It's here. Some suggestions from people the ZG Admin(?) passed on to producers; Miriam V4 (and other V1 and V2 loid updates), 'a new classical Vocaloid', a possible Spanish vb?, Avanna V5, and a 'Rock Chick' Vocaloid. I think there's even more suggestions. And this post is from August 2017 so I'm not sure how relevant would it be now but I find it interesting. Would be nice to hear what plans Zero-G has when it comes to their new Vocaloids or the franchise as a whole...
    Just saw voicetext again and it seems there's a new ability to type something so one character can say it (just like on Voiceroid pages) :0 There's no demo for an English character, but there are two that have a small sample voice; Emma(?) and Sally. They're both child voices but I guess since they are probably voice acted they give a good idea how Voiceroid English will sound, although I presume Voiceroid will hopefully be less robotic sounding. (And just like Voiceroid, they also have samples that have a "Happy" and "Angry" emotion for example)
    Will try making a journal. I wanted to wait for a new Vocaloid release but maybe now that hopefully Gynoid will release a new loid, it would be good to make one.
    I'd like to make a journal in the "introductions" to talk about new Vocaloids but we're not getting any. orz

    Maybe I can post about Dex and Daina's success within the Vocaloid market or something, since it is their 3rd anniversary. ?
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