Hi, I'm GreenFantasy64!

:miku_chickadee:Top 2 favorite Vocaloids: Kaito and Miku
:kaito_move:Vocaloid(s) I own: Kaito v3, Kiyoteru V4 (Natural & Rock), Avanna, Rin & Len (English only), Arsloid, Daina, Dex, Gumi (Whisper) V5 , Miku V4x bundle, Luka V4x, Akari, Fukase
:kaito_smile_lili::kiyoterunatural_lili::kiyoteru_lili::avanna_lili::rin_smile_lIlI::len_smile_lili::arsloid_smile_lili::dex_lili::daina_lili::gumi_lili::miku_lili::luka_lili: :akari_lili: :fukase_lili:

:kiyoteru_lili:Vocaloids I want to get:
Len & Rin V4 JPN, Meiko, Maika, Yukari(?), Gumi(?), Gakupo(?) Nana V4 ENG(??) Kokone. Longya (JPN, if he gets one!!!)
:vy2_lili::maika_lili::rin_lili::len_lili::meiko_lili::gackpo_lili::gumi_lili::yukari_lili::nana_lili: :kokone_lili:

CeVio I want to get: Minato (?)

:kaito_lili:Japanese: Forever at Hiragana stage probably...
Learned how to say Hiragana words: Not Completed
Learned how to read Hiragana words: Not Completed (know a few memorize however)
Spanish: Um....

:sonika_lili: A Chorus Project that I'm doing! :sonika_lili:

I'm doing a Cryptonloid (plus 2) Chorus of [Q] Just waiting on the Miku and Arsloid users. I'm doing the mixing in the end. I'll do my best to make the Chorus good! :akari_lili:
Me to Me: When??
I have a journal of my songs that I'm doing or should do.
I have both commissions open for Art and for doing Vocaloid Engrish. :kiyoterunatural_lili:

Looking for Collaborations for my two original songs! Link here for INFO: Need Instrumental track for vocals
(I might remake one of them in the future once I get Miku V4 so both on hold right now)

I have discord account....(>_>)
I have a soundcloud here:
I have a twitter account: Mainly used for my writing career (U_U)
I have a youtube account: Used mainly for drawing videos, hope to post Vocaloid Cover videos too one day... I posted my first Collab song there now! Please check it out! :mirai_ani_lili:
I have a fanfiction account

Check out my first Collab song with .E.L here: Lacunae with Avanna & Kaito
Check out our Collab song for the Mirai 2019 Contest! here: White Lily feature Len V4 ENG
Check out our third song released here: Hindrance Feat. Rin & Len V4 ENG
Avanna, Kaito, Rin, and Len.... Just need Kiyoteru and Arsloid for their songs now. Well, Kaito too as main singer too now that I think about it....
Added in Dex, Daina, and Gumi~


*Sprites by BambooGarden101*
*Kaito x Miku Fanclub Banner by Kidgore*

Would anyone be interested in joining or making a KaiMiku FC? Hmm....

I'm part of these FanClubs!

President of the Arsloid (And Kaito!) Club

(From Kidgore back in VO)

KaiMiku FC (In my head since no one will probably join if I make one. (;_;)/ It will just be like from VocaloidOtaku where I was mainly the only one posting in the club...)
It is finally alive, yay!!!! <3


February 6