Hi, I'm GreenFantasy64!

:miku_chickadee:Top 2 favorite Vocaloids: Kaito and Miku
:kaito_move:Vocaloid(s) I own: Kaito v3, Kiyoteru V4 (Natural), Avanna, Rin & Len (English only)

:kiyoteru_lili:Vocaloids I want to get:
Miku v4 bundle, Dex, Arsloid, Kiyoteru (Rock), Len & Rin V4 JPN, Akari, Luka, Fukase, Meiko, Maika, Yukari(?), Gumi(?), Gakupo(?) Nana V4 (??).

:kaito_lili:Japanese: Forever at Hiragana stage probably...
Learned how to say Hiragana words: Not Completed
Learned how to read Hiragana words: Not Completed (know a few memorize however)
Spanish: Um....

:sonika_lili: A Chorus Project that I'm doing! :sonika_lili:

I'm doing a Cryptonloid (plus 2) Chorus of [Q] Just waiting on the Miku and Arsloid users. I'm doing the mixing in the end. I'll do my best to make the Chorus good! :akari_lili:
:kaito_lili:My songs forever at WIP stage:
White & Black - Kaito v3 \ENG & JPN/ Will work on it again once I get better at Japanese and tuning. UPDATE: Just need to fix up a few problems then onward to tuning, yay!
A Song of Farewell - Miku v4 (trail version) & Kaito v3 \ENG/ Just need someone to create an instrumental for it.
Forever Haunting Me -- Engrish version for Akari will one day remake it to a better verison for her. <3
English version for Kaito: Just doing some tuning to the first part to make it more emotional.
Kaito v3 WIP song - A song inspired by FNAF and other horror games that might become a trilogy story. Just need to finish up the lyrics and make the notes for Kaito to sing in the first place. X D

Looking for Collaborations for my two original songs! Link here for INFO: Need Instrumental track for vocals
(I might remake one of them in the future once I get Miku V4)

I have discord account....(>_>)
I have a soundcloud here:
I have a twitter account: Mainly used for my writing career (U_U)
I have a youtube account: Used mainly for drawing videos, hope to post Vocaloid Cover videos too one day...
I have a fanfiction account


*Sprites by BambooGarden101*
*Kaito x Miku Fanclub Banner by Kidgore*

Would anyone be interested in joining or making a KaiMiku FC? Hmm....

I'm part of these FanClubs!

President of the Arsloid (And Kaito!) Club

KaiMiku FC (In my head since no one will probably join if I make one. (;_;)/ It will just be like from VocaloidOtaku where I was mainly the only one posting in the club...)

:kaito_ani_lili: :miku_ani_lili:

February 6


:miku_move: President of Arsloid (and Kaito!) FC :miku_move:

Vocaloids I own: :kaito_lili::kiyoteru_lili::avanna_lili::rin_lili::len_lili: