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  • I made a short list of Vocaloids I may want to get later on when I can.
    Kokone, Mayu, Yukari (Jun or Lin), and Akari for the girls.
    VY2, Zola Project, and Fukase for the boys. Or I just try for Rin/Len V4x JPN boxed.
    Rin/Len and Fukase are the high cost so they are last in the list even if I want to get another male Vocaloid. X D
    Kokone I can get when she goes on sale again for like... $50? Yukari I can try to get that bundle deal of Yukari/Akari (box will be cool)
    Thinking of making a poll and see who wins the top 3 and who will be the number 1 winner. X D
    Do I have an interest in Meiko English? Probably... 👀 But I'll resist it. I got two ladies to showcase later on once this video is done for an original Collab song.
    Thought of doing Sleepless Nights Cover for a contest, but I'm not feeling it. Len English sounds good for Gumi's part. But for Miku's part I'm not feeling it for any of my English Vocaloids that I have.
    It's a good song, but I don't love it so I might not continue it for now... Unless I change my mind tomorrow. X D
    I also need do a simple art for Gears of Love Cover of Arsloid and Luka. I need to get my gears going on that.
    X D
    A neat Eleanor Original song: I'm very close to finishing up my Daina drawing for my Collab song with her and Luka by the way guys. : 3
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    I'm also attempting to do a simple music video for my Kaito and Miku cover of "The World hasn't even Started yet".... 👀
    A chaotic big brain moment at this late hour...... [Ready Steady] with Kaito, Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka.... but as an English Cover.... 👀
    But first Fragile with Kaito and Miku.
    Hopefully after I take an hour nap and after I make breakfast I could upload a video cover for a very special Birthday boy.... 👀
    It would have been done way sooner if AviUtl didn't crashed on me... (X_X)
    Couple of days ago: No more Female Vocaloids until I get a Male Vocaloid like VY2 or Fukase.
    This night: Hello I have an interest in Cangqiong because of her one demo song.
    I also got Chiyu lite.
    I don't have the instrumental for King so no short cover with low octave Ken to show off my so oh so amazing tuning skills~. There is also a Kiyoteru Rock cover of King so I can scratch him off my list... 👀 👀
    Arsloid....Kiyoteru Rock....Luka.. Miku and Kaito... they sound so good in the song "King" but Kiyoteru Rock takes first place. 👀 His voice is so good in this.
    Hmm... not really feeling this drawing for Daina yet. I also can't draw foxes well, sadly. : \
    I keep messing around/jumping around vsqxs that I have, and I think I am really liking Arsloid and Luka together, but only if I can commit to one thing and work on it already. X D
    I also did another attempt on Lonely Blue Ocean, and I got somewhat progress on the musicbox part thanks to Waveform, but it's not perfect (shame I don't have the good ears to recreate my song by ear)
    I think I finally have a cover I can do with Luka JPN and Arsloid together.... "Heart Beat" I want to try out Luka's EVEC, so hopefully I can do it right for her. (^_^)/
    I even thought of probably doing a challenge of Heart Beat cover with Arsloid, but using all three of his voicebanks. X D I think I really like his Soft Voicebank more than his Bright Voicebank.
    Patchwork Staccato English Cover, Incomplete on the tuning and I think I made the mixing a bit low on the volume. 🤔
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    Tuning sounds great so far. Mixing is a bit low with Luka, but I think it may be a problem with the instrumental rather then the mixing. Both Dex and Luka were being overpowered by it, or a times, blending in with the instrumental. Perhaps adjust it's volume? :unsure: I hope this helps.
    I seem to be still struggling on creating my own vocal midi when I'm doing (slowly doing) a Collab. But I hope I can at least fix one part so I could have a Daina and Luka song out later on. 👀
    But for now, I'm slowly using Luka English to hear her voice. Sure, at times I'm thinking of Len English, but I know I can have Len English deep enough and different, so it would be cool to create a Luka and Len song.
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