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  • Having this question about kickstarter status for the VR expo. It still says not provided as notified by creator. should I patiently wait for them to update it. I think the last bullet not checked in the list is the music file in my pledge but that's not really that important for me and I rather not give too much stress on crypton and want the pledge to be processed as given/complete. Don't know how to contact the manager of the campaign directly for those questions. Just don't want kickstarter to do any refunds when they already did so much.
    When we should expect the creator to start updating the pledge details? The 2021 expo kickstarter is still listed as not provided as well even though everything was given on that fundraiser. Does anyone else have this technical problem?
    Screenshots in question
    It hasn't been too long since the show (only a week). I'd wait for at least another week before worrying too much. CFM's always been really good about making sure people get the rewards they're expecting, even if the issue is that those people haven't provided their addresses correctly. So I'm sure you'll get the digital rewards that you signed up for, or that they'll help out if there was some issue.

    If I've understood correctly, Kickstarter charges backers at the time that the project has been declared to be funded, which should've happened already for everyone (It's not really an individual thing.). After that, I could be mistaken, but I don't think there's even a refund option--the merch is a promise made by the people running the project, but they're not obligated to provide it in the same way that a store is obligated to provide goods that they've sold to you. The only time I can remember a refund being discussed was actually something that CFM themselves said, which was basically as a contingency for if someone hadn't filled out their address properly on the backer survey or something--if an address ultimately couldn't be acquired for a particular backer, I believe CFM said they would refund them. So I don't think the refund is something that Kickstarter will do on its own, and I think it's more manual than automatic.

    I'm pretty sure there is an option to contact the person running the project, though--probably if you're logged in to Kickstarter and click the name of the person running the project, there will be an option to contact them. So if you want to contact them to ask about rewards status at some point, you could use that.
    if I remember well, in the last email to backers they wrote that the rewards are being prepared and it'll take a while (some weeks), and as mobius correctly said, you can contact them without worries using same email address of the kickstarter or from the page (faq-contact) ^-^

    edit: here is the message regarding the rewards :miku_ani_lili:


    We hope you enjoyed watching MIKU EXPO 2023 VR the other day!
    Many people have participated in the event. Thank you all for joining this crowdfunding campaign!
    Since we were asked many questions regarding the crowdfunding rewards, please see below for an update.
    ・「Live Arrangement Music Download」「HD Live Show Footage」「MIKU EXPO Rewind+ Footage」
    ・「Photo Shoot with Hatsune Miku」Printed copy
    ・「Special Message from Crypton CEO Hiroyuki Itoh」
    The rewards above are currently being prepared. Please allow us some time until we can send those to you.
    * Please note that for「HD Live Show Footage」, it will be regular footage, not VR.
    ・Other physical goods shipment
    - For those that didn’t fill out the backer survey by the deadline in May, but filled them out after the deadline
    - For those that items were returned to us
    - For those that we asked for address and names in English
    We will be preparing the shipment soon. Please allow us some time to prepare.
    Please note that if you don’t respond to the backer survey by December 18th, we will be giving a partial refund instead of the physical goods.
    Thank you!
    I'm planning on Upgrading my HD, I need to deactivate Piapro NT and Vocaloid V4X. I know how to do V4X but I forgot how to do NT.
    Also, does clip studio need something similar?
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