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    Synthesizer V Discussion Thread

    Holy shit, I'm excited. Curious about whether SVR1 buyers will get a discount, though. In addition, the stream occurs at the time of day when I'm the least likely to be awake. 🤷
  2. kozet

    Cryptonloid voicebank updates, collabs, & concert news (crypton_wat Twitter translations)

    The first thing that came to mind was being able to choose between different allophones of a phoneme.
  3. kozet

    Who are Your Favorite Producers and Why?

    Interestingly, I have a script that interacts with the YouTube API to find how often different channels are represented in my song-a-day playlist: A few disclaimers: I have an unwritten rule that I add a song to this list only if its lyrics are in English or the video has English subtitles...
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    Your Ideal Vocal Synth Engine?

    I have some programming knowledge, but not much in the area of vocal synthesis.
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    Your Ideal Vocal Synth Engine?

    runs natively on Linux ideally FOSS but good luck hoping for that uses X-SAMPA for phonemic input instead of whatever stupid crap SynthV is doing for English and Japanese TTS function would be handy, I'd admit
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    [SynthV original] [Ŋarâþ Crîþ v7] cerecaþa artfaþo

    cerecaþa artfaþo (Forgotten City) lyrics / music / movie: +merlan #flirora (aka kozet) voice: Yamine Renri (SynthV) There are English subtitles! Also see a line-by-line gloss here. My second full-length original song in a constructed language. I want to keep going in this route (and I very...
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    All Roads Lead to Miku

    1. There is a fan block in OpenBlocks, a Minecraft mod 2. Minecraft is owned by Microsoft 3. Windows is also owned by Microsoft 4. Vocaloid runs on Windows 5. Hatsune Miku is a Vocaloid voicebank The next word is "pragmatics"
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    kozet's rant emporium

    9IV2020 (31 ful jil) About a month ago, I decided to take some time each day to listen to a Vocaloid song I've never listened to before and add it to a list. Here are the songs I've added so far.
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    What do you like about the Vocaloid above?

    He's a sword, and swordim are the bestim. Also his fanmade design. SeeU?
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    Voicebank UTAU Release - Tokki

    Cute designs; I might actually start actually using UTAU at this pace.
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    The curious case of bilibili JP utaus?

    By the way, there's a command-line program called convmv that can batch-re-encode filenames. I'm not sure how hard it'll be to get it working on Windows, though.
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    The curious case of bilibili JP utaus?

    No idea in that case, at least for now. All I'm sure of is that the file names are almost definitely mojibake with the Shift-JIS-encoded names being reinterpreted in some Chinese encoding.
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    The curious case of bilibili JP utaus?

    You might have to extract the zip again in Japanese locale so the file names are interpreted in Shift-JIS instead of whatever Chinese encoding it was extracted in. I shit you not.
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    The curious case of bilibili JP utaus?

    Sounds like a file name encoding issue.
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    Suggest a Language

    Perhaps have a section for any languages that don't have their own category.