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    kozet's rant emporium

    12XII2019 (31 dia fav) A few weeks ago, I was converted into a Mafumafu fan. More recently, I started a new conlang-related project since I was having trouble writing original lyrics. Got myself hooked on a certain UTAU producer's songs (as well as songs written as homages to them). I won't...
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    Interviewing Vocaloid Fans

    I can help you with 1 and kind of 2.
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    General Project Diva Discussion

    I also got into Mafumafu recently, and I've been hooked.
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    Is the VOCALOID Statement True to the Person Below?

    I don't speak Chinese so no. The person below has made a Vocaloid sing in a language other than Japanese, English, Mandarin, Korean or Spanish.
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    Synthesizer V Discussion Thread

    Oof, hope that didn't affect his health too much. I think he deserves some break time after that.
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    2020 Vocaloid Predictions

    Vocaloid: only a few voicebanks in 2020 and usage will continue to decline UTAU: Ameya will rise from the dead again but then start playing dead soon after SynthV: will have SVR2 soon, and we'll hear more about the Japanese company partnership teased by Kanru Crypton, CeVIO: we'll hear more...
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    Synthesizer V Discussion Thread

    The parameter panel looks unrefined in the teaser. Hope it'll look better in the actual release. Also, if you were wondering, a cent is 1/100 of a 12-EDO half step.
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    Like, love, hate?

    Mostly based on chara designs since I don't really listen to Vocaloid music that much. S: Rin, Len, Hime A: Mikoto, AVANNA, VY1, IA, Yukari B: Miku, Luka, GUMI, KAITO, MEIKO, Fukase, VY2, Flower C: Oliver, Una D: Gakupo, every Macne F: Gachapoid, Kaai Yuki Would get a C if I judged only on...
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    Hatsune Miku kaoling feat. Hatsune Miku - Those Who Fall at the Name of God

    Bleh, probably a relex at best. This is a good song, though.
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    Synthesizer V Discussion Thread

    I can hardly wait for an official announcement, or for that matter, more news about SynthV. Having only three voicebanks for languages I speak to any extent for such a long time is getting a bit dull.
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    All Roads Lead to Miku

    Cactus grows on sand Sand gets between your toes You have 10 toes Japanese has a base-10 numeral system Miku sings in Japanese The next word is circuit
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    All Roads Lead to Miku

    Bamboo was added in Minecraft 1.14 Len is 14 years old Len is known for dying a lot When you die, you disappear Disappearance of Hatsune Miku The next word is syntax
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    Vocaloid Whose Line is it Anyway

    Make Minecraft 2
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    Vocaloid Whose Line is it Anyway

    Interesting, though not useful for many other languages.
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    Is the VOCALOID Statement True to the Person Below?

    Yes. Maybe that was why I got into vocal synths so late (along with using Linux so couldn't use UTAU without using Wine). I eventually discovered SynthV when it was still in its technical preview. The person below me has VOCALOID 5 but no earlier versions.