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  • Even though I can't argue with "we're all bad in someone's story" statement, I just, don't like the wording of it: it really gives the impression of "well fuck it, better be a bad person altogether."
    "Everyone is the hero of their own story," is the correct quote. You can't just flip that around and say, "We're always a villain in someone else's story." It's just not true. Anyone who thinks so is just projecting their own antagonistic behavior onto everyone else.

    Saying people are, "the hero of their own story" is not a good/bad thing. It is pointing out that everyone believes their actions are what they should be doing, or that their choices make sense. Only someone who has a serious mental health disorder would do otherwise. You are not an existentially negative actor just because other people exist. That's like saying you're selfish because the matter that makes up your physical form could have been used for something else.
    I always thought that the vtuber market in my country is an "unusual" small niche, until I saw it becomes a trending topic on Twitter in my country.
    What happened to Ms. Atia?
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    I don't know, she was supposed to get at least two or three new banks last time I've checked on her website when downloading her files =S There was also an update to her English or something that was planned ? Lately I've been unable to keep up to date with any synth news stuffs in general so...
    Friendship ended with Spotify, now YouTube Music is my best friend.
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    Blue Of Mind
    Blue Of Mind
    I've always used normal YT for music streaming, even with all the problems of videos being taken down or blocked in my country. I don't see the appeal in services like Spotify.
    Talking about dangdut, I really want to dig deeper into the genre (living in a neighborhood where people can sing the genre so well should also help) so I can apply it to my voicesynth covers in the future? Let's just see.
    Being obsessed with Desmond Dennis and his autotune skits, and I immediately remembered some very interesting thing about autotune.

    When I noticed that Western live shows are actually using autotune I was like "they're doing what?" because I actually can tell the weird "autotune sounds" in the vocals. I knew that pitch corrections in general is like the standard of the music industry, but using it live, man, it was unthinkable.

    I'm giving you context of it why it was unthinkable. Music industry in my country is no exception of pitch correction usages, but it's not the norm to using it live, or at least what I've observed. I don't know exactly why they're not using it, but I hypothesized that: they're not aware; they don't know how to use it; the plugin is costy (but it's unlikely because it's just hundreds of bucks, there's a much cheaper subscription plans, and there are also many freeware plugins with the same function); or people also can tell if things are autotuned.

    Oh, also not to mention that there's a popular genre here called "dangdut" which is (and should be) rely on the extreme pitchbendings in the vocals, and it essentially would fuck up any automatic pitch correction plugins.

    AI rap is extremely great even though its current stage is still a proof-of-concept made upon an ordinary text-to-speech mechanism.

    I'm once again asking for a full-fledged rap synthesis software where we can freely adjust the flow and rhythm just like good-old vocal synthesis software but without worrying about the pitch aspect.
    The only thing that bugged me in using Audiomack is that there's no repeat button. Yes, I've mistaken the repost button with repeat button.
    Sorry to doublepost, but just because certain people are "the biggest consumer share" in certain products/services—whether or not they're being aimed at since the day one—doesn't mean they can control everything smh
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