I'm am aspiring creator in a variety of areas, one major one being producing with vocal synths. I believe in the positive inclusive and mutually-supportive aspects of vocal synth culture, and in the role that synth personas can play as ambassadors for these ideals.

I like many different vocal synths, but Hatsune Miku will always have a special place.

My first original song: "At Home with Miku" (artwork by @hamano)!

VocaVerse Network thread of my originals: Mobius017's Originals

My first cover: "Daisy Bell" by Harry Dacre!

VocaVerse Network thread of my covers: Mobius017's Covers

My SoundCloud profile: mobius017

Profile/Avatar Image Credits
My profile/avatar images feature an adaptation of Hatsune Miku, © Crypton Future Media, Inc. 2007, licensed under a CC BY-NC:

(Attribution given according to guidance from Hatsune Miku V4X Art sourced from

The other components of my avatar are sourced from Pixabay under the Pixabay License (as of 5/4/2020, "Free for commercial use," "no attribution required").