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    It's probably the construction, I guess, but are the batteries replaceable? If you haven't...

    It's probably the construction, I guess, but are the batteries replaceable? If you haven't tried it yet, there might be the hope that you could make it brighter by replacing those--if the ones they put in, which SHOULD be new, were old or discharged abnormally in storage due to temperature or...
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    Hatsune Miku

    Glad the post office finally came through :) .
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    Wow, that's awesome! Major congratulations!

    Wow, that's awesome! Major congratulations!
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    Hatsune Miku

    I hemmed and hawed about whether or not to cross-post this here, since it's not purely Miku-related...but then again, most of it does end up discussing her :) . In case it's of interest to anyone, I received my copy of Magical Mirai 2019 and finally got to watch it a few days ago. Here's a...
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    Congrats! Sucks when things get tied up in the mail. :)

    Congrats! Sucks when things get tied up in the mail. :)
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    Unfazed feat. Kagamine Rin & Len

    I really like the instrumental, especially the slower part at the beginning!
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    hamano tries to draw

    More awesome art, @hamano! The one from 12/31 is really cute, and I like how enthusiastic Megane Miku looks!
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    Daiba de Diva Mega39's

    Honestly, all the Joyopolis offerings sound fun. You could easily spend a whole day outing doing CFM 'loid-related stuff! I think pretty much all the food on the menu looks good! I wish they'd offer more detail about what's in stuff, though--you can't really guess if something would be good...
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    Mobius's Journal

    Hi all! I watched a video of Magical Mirai 2019 last night! I know one or more others have probably covered some or all of these things in one or more places in the few months since Mirai happened, but I wanted to share my thoughts. So if you're like me from a few days ago, you may want to...
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    Looks like you guys had an awesome time! It's great that you put on something like this!
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    D. K. - Kyklop ft. Viola

    Sounds good! Awesome that you made your own UTAU for it!
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    London was great until...

    Jeez, that sucks. I'm really, really sorry that happened.
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    The uncreepy twins form a band 😎 (Original songs, art, 3D)

    Nothing remotely important. The computer network I was connected to was just being dumb and had Drive blocked for whatever reason. So I just checked out your WIP from a different network :) . I actually think Drive's a great place to put stuff, especially stuff like WIPs--it's convenient to...
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    Random posts about various subjects by hamano

    Ah, that's too bad about the Toreba figure. I was trying to think if there might be a service like the opposite of proxy shipping. Some proxy shippers give you an address in Japan, for example, then purchase your products and have them shipped there and forwarded on to you. So I was wondering...
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    Vocaloid merchandise news

    Oh, nice, I feel like I should've caught that :) . I really like Lucky Orb, but I've only seen its PV a few times--all that really stuck in my mind about the outfit was "really flashy." Looking at the figure, its design is a lot more normal than I'd realized--the stockings and blazer are...