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  • hm. kinda want to maybe get Gachapoid v3 some day but im a little confused on the best place to buy him as in... the price on the vocaloid site is not the same from Internet's site? unless im just reading wrong or the comversion+tax adds up different...
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    Internet semi-regularly has 30% off sales. I’d recommend getting him from there during such a sale! Just let your bank know ahead of time that you’ll be making a purchase from a Japanese website. Mine blocked a purchase I tried making through there because they assumed my card was stolen and being used for illicit purchases.
    i bought Gumi Eng from the Vocaloid shop last weekend and with the tax it was one dollar less than on Internet’s site

    so i’d check both sites with tax added
    i feel like one of my biggest issues with vocaloid original making is i feel like theres two ways to do it, both ways having very different levels of interest: 1) you make a song with a vocaloid and all art/video content is of that vocaloid in your song or 2) you make a song using vocaloid but all content is about an original character/story

    while i like using vocaloid for original songs because i dont want to sing- i feel like when making my songs i get way too caught up in presentation. will it be more successful if i use the vocaloid as the face for my song? or will people be interested in my original story ideas? in one sense i like the idea of just making music to make music, not attaching any kind of vocaloid character to it bc i dont want ppl's thoughts to be "i like because its a vocaloid song/uses my fave vocaloid". on the same end i dont tend to tie my stories/ocs to my music at all, i do it for fun/as a hobby. but i still dont...want my songs to be attached to vocaloids for the sake of Being Vocaloid Songs. idk. i havent written anything original in a good while, but my last last song DID You was a weird one bc it covered a very personal topic and while i made it purely on that intention and nothing else- using flower as the art in the video flt more like i was reaching to folk who just care about v flower songs, nothing else.

    i guess its more of a personal feeling to have this vibe that everything i present online is being consumed with specific intentions that i wish i could change, lol. just thoughts.
    i really love how Δ tunes flower (and also love the range they put her in).. in general i love seeing ppl use V5 stuff to their advantage. i used it to make flower "soft" before and while its a little weird, it gets the idea across and i love it. i know it can get a but on the side of 'over tuned' to some folk but i appreciate the effort mostly with the number of flower songs where she isnt tuned at all lol.
    another pitch done! managed to have some time for a higher pitch (d4) while i was home alone. i didnt really want to be yelling in a mic while my dad was here.... maybe this is why i never manage to find time to record power pitches lol.
    this thought came to mind with the unpop opinion thread but im not in the mood to throw myself in there mostly bc i couldnt expect someone seeing my stance as slightly hypocritical but its on my mind so.
    i just gotta say ive always greatly disliked ppl who go and make vocaloid samples to turn them into UTAUloids... in the sense of 1) its very much not an example of the vocaloid sounding "better" when youve rendered it through one engine and are now re-rendering it again through another engine thus fucking the quality over even more (theres like a 5% chance anyone is actually managing to rip raw audio files from vocaloid so) and 2) its a pointless kind of effort for something you cant/shouldnt even be sharing and encouraging ppl to do anyways bc like, what are u even gonna do with it other than make one post for clout on soundcloud n never use it again??

    in general im not a fan of seeing people openly encourage and talk about breaking TOS... things like pirating to test vocaloids you want to own, or pirating to use discontinued banks, or going into files to activate a vocaloid you lost activation to.... keep it to yourself and dont instruct ppl how to do possibly illegal things?? its not that i havent ever done those things or expect ppl to not- but its just not great to encourage it over legal options. and that includes encouraging people to make utau banks of vocaloids because it "sounds better" somehow- bc it breaks the TOS of vocaloids and utau and its also kinda pointless to try imo.

    i guess the angle of 'hypocrite' from me comes from the fact i have made character voicebanks out of Sonic and Shadow the hedgehog lol. and theyre definitely similar kinds of banks, but ive never felt they were on the same level as vocaloid-to-utau banks- in the sense that obvs, sonic isnt an existing vocal synth. and secondly, while theres some obvious issues regarding TOS and i understand some greyness there, its not going against some other TOS like vocaloid. additionally i put a lot of my own work into making them sound good from these talking samples, which i feel is one of the appeals to trying to make it work. while the vocaloid utau ones arent for much else other than to try and say the vocaloid somehow sound better through an utau resampler than vocaloid's engine. i care abt my work though in a way that makes it different than just "haha funny sonic sings" lol so maybe thats just me. but ive just never had a good opinion on those vocaloid utau rendered posts... it mostly leans on me as being a way to get a ton of reposts and likes bc again, when the hell are you ever gonna use it again? in most cases utau wont really sound better and your only real advantage is pluging and playing it into a nicely tuned UST and calling it a day (which again, most of these SC posts i see just do that lol).
    ok heres another WIP of my utau lol... (art is a concept from last year that i probably wont be using but...the last art is so fuckin old)

    im very satisfied with the quality of the bank. i used this mic and setup with my old banks but i think i just have a better knowledge of volume and audio to make sure i didnt fuck up my samples.
    okaaay quite pleased with how my test VCV bank is sounding! ill be looking for any files i gotta rerecord and i think i will try and record one more pitch... idk how many pitches i will try for bc i dont have a good range (need practice) but! im hype to possibly be releasing a VCV Xed bank in the future

    currently messing with resamplers and looking for errors. kinda surprised to say tn_fnds seems to make my vb sound most clear...! i barely ever use that one for some reason. most banks i try dont like it.
    well. just impulsively sat down to record a VCV utau.... i have yet to give Xed a VCV bank because i fell out of it before i could. i dont know for sure if i recorded this perfectly bc i kinda rushed it... also i have never oto'd a VCV bank and man i really dont...wanna lol. i think imma use the Moresampler generated oto as a base and maybe get someone to check it. depending on how it sounds tho i may re-record it with better direction.
    sorry to be reminded of this random thing but my god. the gorillaz are not vocaloids and i dont get why i hear ppl say "are gorillaz vocaloids?". i dont understand where this came from at all. vocaloids are vocaloids because their voices ARENT "real". gorillaz have REAL ppl behind their avatars. vocaloids DONT..... i get that they both can have "virtual avatars" but the gorillaz are basically voice acted cartoons (being voiced acted by real humans) while vocaloids are virtual characters with voices completely synthesized. it always annoys me when ppl ask this topic and have zero knowledge of vocaloid and fail to look into it, bceause the answer is.... very simple and straight forward if you learn what vocaloid is.
    i think normal people would assume "vocaloid" just means animated musician from the very surface level stuff you might see. they'll see hatsune miku dancing in a concert and think "oh! so a vocaloid is like studio killers, gorillaz etc" i've heard the gorillaz thing before irl lmao.
    @static-oceans yeah i think the issue is def people just seeing Miku concerts and thinking vocaloid=virtual avatar concert and nothing more, not thinking about the fact that Miku is an instrument, really. i guess the biggest issue lies in the misinformation and ppl continuing to detach the meaning of "vocaloid" from "synthesized singing program"...
    those questions annoy me so much, especially since i like Gorillaz as well as Vocaloid. its so dumb to see people not do any research behind the concept of either of them and lump them together for being "virtual"... gonna rant for a sec.

    its also kinda ironic considering the background behind Gorillaz's inception vs. the most popular Vocaloid characters (Miku, Rin/Len and the gang) are pretty much opposites. The reason the musician and artist behind Gorillaz created them was to comment on how empty and "unreal" modern music was getting, so they created characters that are literally not real as social commentary to that. So, in that scenario, their status as a cartoon is a parody and not meant to be seen in a positive light. (as much as i like the band, their backround comes off as kinda snobbish to me, but that's neither here nor there). But for Vocaloid characters, their virtual-ness was embraced as a quirk that people enjoyed. It became a part of their early identities, and inspired a community to make songs for them. Gorillaz was a haughty publicity stunt, while Vocaloid culture was a community embracing new ideas.

    All this is to say that the popularity of the two virtual music entity thingies come from two completely different foundations. aside from having animated avatars, they have very very little in common. This is true about their philosophies, like i said earlier, but also their technicalities, like morry initially mentioned. even their fan culture, most common genres, and aesthetics are basically opposites, at least on the surface.

    Its not just Gorillaz either. I watched a recording of a live Studio Killers concert and wayyyyy too many of the comments were saying "wow! they're like European Vocaloids :O" and it was so... idk. it makes me upset that the Vocaloid software was never covered on in as much detail as the Vocaloid culture on the News. i think that was the root of most of these comments....people have just forgotten how to fact check and just eat up what they've heard people say before. they do it on small matters like this, and then proceed to do the same thing relating to more serious topics. its a snowball effect that's been growing bigger on the Internet for years...
    i love hearing some intense expressive tuning but tbh there really is a point where someone can "over tune" a voice... like incredibly excessive pitch bends and voice breaks.. theres only so much a human can do and so going past that just bc you want "expression" can sound super unnatural and weird.... i think ppl really gotta refresh their brains by listening to real humans sing lol. even the most wild singers out there dont bend and vibrato as much as i hear some vocaloids get tuned to. like... its ok to tone it down a bit. not every note needs to bend or have vibrato or crack and break! chil. a little, maybe...
    same thing with breath sounds. i’ve heard “realistic” tuning that overdoes them, and it sounds so off... no human has lungs so small that they have to breathe between every two words
    @andantina YEA thats one thing for sure i hear incorrect. one thing i notice is that ppl often place breaths incorrectly and as you say, dont realize humans dont breath between EVERY short space in between words! additionally a lotta ppl will breath in quite a ways before the words start- a breath doesnt get placed RIGHT before singing starts. my best way of figuring out breath placement is just quietly talk-singing out the lyrics if possible. ppl will be shocked to realize how little you gotta breath lmao.
    i was going through my and found an example of something i talked about on someone's status talking about making JPN vocaloids speak english! usually when giving tips i say like, dont put all the phonemes for your big word on one note, even if an engloid can sing it. in this clip i used the word "start" as an example. the first "start" is doing what i always say to NOT do and you can see clearly why. the note/phoneme for the first example would look like this: [s t [email protected] t] and converted to jpn its [s t a 4 t]. the second example is a clearly voiced replacement, making the word now look like this, seperated into 3 notes. [s M_0] [t a] [t M_0] but spaced out so you can hear each part obviously. the last one is the intended result, with [s M_0] [t a] [t M_0] but the first and last notes are shortened so the vowels are less obvious and not voiced.

    i keep thinking about doing a "tutorial" on how to get started with making jpnloids speak english but i just havent. even in this ooold clip i would make some improvements to my approach. but its probably the best starting point when coming to understand why you cant just make your notes full of consonants and shit that japanese loids arent capable of voicing.

    and YES you arent mistaken, the first example of making flower voice out the note [s t a 4 t] really does sound that bad. flower is probably one of the tougher subjects for english pronunciation but yeah, she really really messes up her sounds like that.
    now that all my microphone stuff is fixed again i am probably gonna get back into recording a new UTAU VB sometime soon...! i was quite shocked by the this small number of ppl who told me they liked my utau and someone having even drawn fan art in the past, which i never got to see until months ago. it was kinda just a weird moment of realizing ppl liked something i did, but never was told. so i will probably be continuing "Xed" but with a major redesign and stuff.
    so i managed to recover my FIRST EVER vocaloid cover from 2015. its was ambitous to be honest, tried to cover Crystalline with Flower in english. i didnt know a damn thing about vocaloid.

    sadly all i have is this 'preview' clip from my tumblr and i cannot recover the full one... this is bad, i should say:
    but man i kinda wanna re-cover it for the sake of improvement! i have learned SO much in the last five-ish years. i dont rly like the song That much anymore but id love to do a comparison.
    flower posted it so late that i didnt see it until the morning lol.
    not something i specifically care about but, the announcement was Project Sekai will include the song "Charles" with flower!

    regardless i always like seeing that flower is getting more publicity from things like this!
    having some random popular videos, it seems a lot of casual viewers just idea what goes into making a cover and its always awkward being like.... no i cant just do that! sorry! in terms of ppl asking for a cover of some random obscure song: sorry mate, im probably not gonna get to that ever because theres no off vocal and additionally i dont make MIDI files myself often bc i am not good at it. additionally when making some Sonic character sing i often get "make [character] sing!" a lot, and its like id love to man but, it takes me a good while to do that in the first place and even longer to make sure it works and sounds good...

    it feel like some ppl do just think this stuff pops into existence without any prior knowledge or skill to get there lol. no hate to them, its just exhausting to remind ppl over and over i cannot just spawn the content they want to see in a few days!
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