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  • A Statement from Millenia2339:
    Sorry for the late response but I must address something. I must leave right now due to unforeseen circumstances but shall be back when I am in college. Don’t cry because of this goodbye but think of this as a hiatus for only two years, and when those years are done, I shall return! Thank you for showing me the Vocaloid community and the majestic wonders I have witnessed through the good and bad terms. Hopefully in the near future, we can meet again for realizing that Vocaloid is what made some of us, us. From enjoying shipping Kaimiku to RinLen, we as a community can make something truly special, good night everyone and I will see you soon👌☺👌
    To all the Ace Attorney fans in Japan, congratulations on the game’s 20th anniversary. Tomorrow, we will also be celebrating the franchise’s birthday as well with the millions of fans in overseas. So, tomorrow I want everyone to send their sweetest wishes, whether it’s fan art, fanfics, covers, anything else to show appreciation to this two decades games. Until then, OBJECTION!
    Ace Attorney games are really so special! The first trilogy is just legendary, the second trilogy is wonderful, and the 2 prequels are a piece of art! Hoping they'll release a collection of the second trilogy and also Ace Attorney x Professor Layton on Switch/PS4, and I'm hoping to see a next chapter in the future! ^u^
    Just finished watching the last Smash Direct ever, and boy was I excited to see our Sora in Smash Bros, alongside his 20th anniversary next year. This was something none of the fans never expected to see, and I am very grateful for Smash Bros Ultimate for happening. Thank You Sakurai, you done so much for everyone who respects your work.
    A Message from Millenia:
    Greetings from the Stars, it’s me Millenia! Sorry if I didn’t update my journal last week, but I will be back on track tomorrow to update my journal. If you have any time today, go and look at the first part of the journal right now. Bye everyone!

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