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  • I had a strange experience. I wasn't doing anything in particular when these words came to me. I basically wrote a whole song in one sitting. I put it in my lyrics thread, but I got a feeling like I should post the chorus here. Like maybe someone out there needs to hear it? (I dunno, I probably just sound dumb right now.) Anyway, here are some words from me to you.

    "Time To Grieve"​
    what you do, and what you say​
    never end up the same way​
    and all I see​
    is someone who​
    keeps drowning​
    I pick up, what you throw down​
    but you always turn it around​
    you'd rather leave​
    and still won't take​
    the time to grieve​
    Even if, you say you're fine​
    I'll reach out a second time​
    and I don't care​
    times when you say​
    you hate me​
    shed your tears, and I'll shed mine​
    let's both cry until we're blind​
    forget the world​
    it's never wrong​
    to take time to grieve​
    Philosophical Thought for the Day:

    Solutions and Answers are not the same things.

    • Put one way, a solution is a way to find an answer.
    • Or, a solution is a method of fixing a problem. Whereas an answer is a response to a question.
    • Another way to think about it is a solution explains "how." An answer explains "why."
    • In mathematics, an equation can have multiple solutions that, when substituted for variables in the equation, make the statement true. But not every solution provides the correct answer to a given problem.

    Wait, is that...? My god, it's Kaito-dayo!
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