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  • I once more forgot to take time differences into account, and that's left me with some excellent news: I'll have Mell by Wednesday morning! Which just so happens to be my day off~ I’m thinking a bit of experimentation, another trip to see the Mario movie, and then some hardcore getting to know her once I get back home!
    I was legitimately not prepared for how good the Mario movie would be. It's one of those movies that objectively could've used more polish - it moves pretty fast, we don't get super deep into any of the characters' heads, there's ultimately not an obvious aesop (which is apparently something that pisses critics off? And I don't even think it's super accurate - like there's literally an exchange where Mario and Peach talk about always getting back up after you get knocked down, just because it's not tacked to the end of the movie doesn't make it any less of a valid aesop) - but what it does well, it does so exceptionally well that those flaws may as well not even exist. It's one giant love letter to Mario's extensive history, and to all of its fans. And by God, it puts Frozen in its fucking GRAVE when it comes to crafting an emotional display of an unshakable bond between two siblings - "As long as we're together, everything's gonna be okay!" legit had me tearing up, alright? You can fucking HEAR his voice breaking, it's just - "It's just an hour and a half of fan service" Yes, but it's REALLY FUCKING WELL-DONE FAN SERVICE, FUCK I love this movie, Illumination's best since the first Despicable Me, hands DOWN)
    God, I'm SO happy with Yuma. He has that... I dunno, FLAVOR that I find most of the letter vocals lack. And he's got a lisp when singing in English, which gives him a very distinct and unique sound, one that doesn't sacrifice his quality.

    Dreamtonics, do more shit like this. Please.
    Yesss he's fighting with Kevin for my favorite of the alphabet soup crew. He's so much fun, and the lisp is adorable. And the range!!
    Yuma has definitely been a huge favorite of mine- and i also find his lisp to be interesting and cute. its just a very unique trait to have tbh! and the fact hes p high quality too. i have had mixed opinions with some letter banks due to their wavering quality
    I’m in the theater about to see Mario. There’s a kid here with his mom; he’s decked out in Mario apparel and has a Mario plush with him. His mom and I got to talking, and she explained that he’s autistic and Mario is his special interest, so this is their third time seeing it. I told her I’m autistic too, and my SI is Kung Fu Panda, so I know exactly how much he probably cherishes all of this. This is like the best day ever, and the movie hasn’t even started. 🥹
    My sifu has his name and title embroidered into his belt, same as the other masters at my school; in his instance, “Marty Sifu,” embroidered in tense cursive. Naturally, my American, cursive-blind ass keeps reading it as “Master Sifu.” So guess who now has to actively stop himself from making accidental Kung Fu Panda references every time the sifu gives advice? 😅

    Complicating matters, one of the senseis* made a reference to Tai Lung during the last class. I fear it won’t be much longer before I put myself as a total dork. Pray for me.

    *Since the school teaches both kenpo and kung fu together, there’s two senseis and a sifu. Also both the sifu and one of the senseis worked with the FUCKING GRACIE BROTHERS, holy SHIT I geeked out for a solid two minutes when I learned that. So I’ve, uh, probably already outed myself as a dork.
    While my incompetence with the finer aspects of Utau have become a private running gag, working with my Maron jinriki has reminded me how much I love it. It might be the single most rewarding synth to use for me; I don’t really know how to explain it, but being so hands-on, I adore the sheer level of control it gives you. And for a software that hasn’t been formally updated in so long, it still holds its own, especially with higher-quality banks (Nanao I love you baby boi). In the age of AI, that’s impressive as fuck.

    Plus, learning Utau is how I met Patuk, so it’s very special to me. 💗
    And speaking of my martial arts class: Saturday, one of the older guys (yellow belt in kempo/kung fu, but a fucking black belt in Aikido, he's so COOL) was talking about his favorite martial arts book, and offered to bring me a copy. I figured he'd forget about it, but still thought it was a kind gesture.

    He did not forget. I'm gonna be riding this high for at least the next four and a half hours.


    I've actually finally found a workout method that works for me: FitOn! It's free and has thousands of thorough and fun workouts and has given me actual MOTIVATION. I sound like an MLM shill saying all this, I'm just happy I've got something that works. 😆 Honestly, seeing Miku as a fitness junkie, funny as it is, makes me happy, because with this app plus my martial arts classes, fitness is finally something that feels accessible and fun to me. I'd honestly splurge on the Miku Protein if it weren't whey...
    FINALLY got an updated shot with all my babies! I'm working on more boxes for my more recent download-only banks, and I left Anri out because I'm debating selling her (and leaving her out gave me a nice even display anyhow), but I'm extremely proud of how my collection has grown.

    In my quest to revamp old covers for my fifth vocalsynth userversary, I have decided to play God and turn Miku V3 Light into a soft VB. It's... not going as poorly as I was anticipating, actually. Not good enough to post a sample of just yet, but still, I'm having fun!

    If only I didn't have to set her Dynamics to full-blast AND set her Gain to +15 just so she could match the music, thereby heavily compromising her tone and stability... 😭
    Presently, I'm revamping this cover! What do y'all think? Does the OG still hold up? Should I replace the vocalists? I'm open to suggestions!
    If you have to push her volume that hard, can you turn her up in the DAW instead? That'd preserve your ability to adjust her dynamics and gain in the vocal synth editor.
    P.S.: Sorry if you've probably thought of that already. Personally, I used to forget all about the DAW after I got into Piapro and was turning up the volume slider all the way, and then sometimes setting a higher base DYN also. And then I remembered that I could adjust the bus's gain in the DAW mixer (which wasn't nearly as restricted in how much gain I could provide, plus having mixing plugins that could add gain if I needed), and I felt kind of dumb.



    He's only about half-oto'd, but I couldn't wait to try him out~
    Note to self! Don't go and announce hiatus when you're overwhelmed from work and have been awake for 40+ hours. WOW that was a rough patch.

    Sorry, false alarm, Peaches isn't going anywhere. 😅
    Okay, one last thing before I nope out of the fandom for a bit:



    Apologies! NOW goodbye.
    Ha! About a month ago I posted a short list of covers I wanted to finish and post before diving earnestly into anything new. As of today, it finally happened! Now I can begin on 80,000 new covers with less guilt. 😌
    Tucker the hippo is perfection embodied. He’s got freckles (or maybe vitiligo?) on his nose and feetsies, he has a big belly, he constantly snorts, honks, and wiggles his ears, he’s mildly terrified but deeply respectful of dominant hippo women, he’s got an energetic baby who he’s just the absolute best daddy to, he likes to back his ass straight up to the glass of his enclosure and shit in full view of the crowds… and we SHARE A BIRTHDAY. I’m exactly six years to the day older than this legend!

    I need a Tucker plushie like yesterday.

    So, uh... was all this extra stuff ADVERTISED as coming with his preorder and I'm just forgetful, or...? Because I was NOT expecting anything more than his box. I'm such a happy peach! (feat. bonus pic of his inner artwork, because it is BREATHTAKING, and his disk.)

    A few years back, while channel surfing early in the morning, I stumbled across a game of professional cornhole, which is apparently a thing.

    I'm pleased to announce that, while browsing for new channels, I've discovered that the American Cornhole League has their own Roku channel.

    I'd say I wish I was making this up, but honestly, I'm delighted that this is a thing.
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    Well, I guess that confirms it's called cornhole. In my city, it's called bean bag toss (yes) and my friends made fun of me when I went to school in Indiana and called it that. So I've been arguing with them ever since.
    My internet is back!! Ah, this is such a relief. I've been mooching off of my neighbor's wifi to stream my shows, but the signal, for whatever reason, just wasn't strong enough to let me do anything internet-adjacent on my laptop. (Donna, if you're reading this, thank you, I'm sorry, and I've been streaming exclusively low-data bare knuckle fighting; didn't even use up a full GB!)

    This has been two weeks from hell, so now I'm going to relax, watch more bare knuckle fighting, and resume my hunt for KFP dubs. I deserve it.
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