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  • You can literally tell someone your mother will die if she contracts COVID (and she will, she has no immune system) and they’ll still tell you COVID is a hoax and masks make you a sheep.

    Knowing I can’t get away with insulting a customer directly to their face, I’ve developed the habit of adjusting my glasses instead. With my middle finger.

    It almost makes me feel better.
    Saw III Alternate Ending: Jeff immediately forgives those who were invoked in the death of his son, agreeing to become a better person. The remaining hour of the movie is a dance party. John Kramer pops some sick wheelies in his wheelchair while Billy rides a disco ball like a chandelier.
    This entire project is cursed and has been plagued with issues. It's either a sign that I should never touch Saki again, or I should start using her regularly to spit in luck's face.

    Whatever the case, new cover going up tomorrow!
    The music playlist at work is quite nice; it’s an automated channel that changes up every few months and always features a good mix of music from the past five decades, ensuring everyone is happy and none of us are driven crazy by the same five songs on loop.

    That said, there’s a few songs that all of us are quite annoyed with (if I hear Roxane by The Police one more time, so help me God...), so the head manager is taking requests for a homemade channel that’ll feature all our favorites.

    My request to add WAP to said playlist was, for whatever reason, immediately shot down, but you can’t win ‘em all I guess.
    Is SynthV Studio's live rendering messing up for anyone else? Like, it won't show me where exactly a pitch bend or a change in vibrato or anything is going until it's already been done, leaving a lot of it to guesswork. It's very frustrating.
    As a sales associate, it’s my duty to make sure customers are informed and comfortable, so normally I assure them there’s no such thing as a stupid question; it’s not their fault they’re unfamiliar with the layout, prices, and customs of our store. I’ll meet any question I’m asked with a smile and a straightforward answer.

    Though considering a customer asked me today, with zero prompting, “Are you a Yank?”, I’m heavily considering amending that “no dumb questions” stance.
    Her justification was “you talk like a Yank”. My “normal” accent is a pretty standard Southern American English accent, but during my theatre career I taught myself to speak with a much more neutral accent, something that’s stuck after all this time. My Customer Service Voice is similar, but clearer, more enunciated, and lilting, so I can simultaneously engage customers and make expensive add-ons sound casual and appealing.

    Which, apparently, is something only those who live in the North do.
    Sorry to hear about this é_è

    Oh maaaaan, the good ol' "neutral accent pushing" because of prejudices against other accents *shivers while remembering that teacher that forced her to speak with Parisian accent*
    Kinda off topic, but this brings back a memory when I witnessed a non-American harassing an American for being a "Yank." (The harasser in question was just using "Yank" as a general term for "American.") The American eventually responded by saying, "I may be a Yank, but you're a jerk."

    I still think it's funny, even to this day.
    Two bouts of good news!

    1.) With some help from Patuk (and by “some help” I mean “She’s literally the only reason I got this idea God bless her she saved me”), I finally know what I’m doing for my next cover’s video! It’s already under way, and all that’s left to do is mix the cover itself. I’m aiming for Monday or Tuesday, as I work a morning shift both days and can easily devote the afternoon to it.

    2.) Binx has officially finished his course of antibiotics, and he’s feeling better than ever! He’s initiating play with the other cats at long last, which was the only thing he WASN’T doing that had me worried for his recovery. My baby boy is back! I’m gonna be tight on cash until the end of the month (says the woman who got three new Peach and Lily products yesterday), but seeing him return to his playful, loving self, when this time last week I was convinced I’d have to bury him, is beyond worth it.
    I went on a hunt for a new moisturizer and ended up getting a bunch of stuff from Peach and Lily instead. (I have their matcha moisturizer already, but it's quite thick... still, I oughta try it more.) Our Ulta has a new brand in stock called Truly that I was interested in, but every. Single. Product. Has coconut oil in it. Even the stuff aimed at acne-prone skin. And it's high up on the list of ingredients on all of them too. So that was a no-go.

    But I've heard so many good things about Peach and Lily, and I love the matcha moisturizer in spite of my scarce usage, so here's hoping these work out as well!
    Someone brought in twenty boxes of used toner to recycle (printer toner, not skincare toner). That wouldn’t be a problem... if all of the boxes didn’t reek of spoiled milk. And if I now didn’t reek of spoiled milk after handling them.

    I have four hours left.

    Please, if you recycle toner, or make any kind of return, PLEASE make sure it smells neutral or pleasant. Don’t make us suffer like this.
    Rion’s shipping was significantly less than I was anticipating. Thank God for that! She’ll be on her way soon!
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    So yeah, if anyone’s wanting to snatch her up while she’s 50% off, shipping through White Rabbit is only about $25 to the US. This would be a great time!
    Saki’s high and low ranges are where her hissiness are less harsh by far. She also doesn’t react well to note bending. Like, at all. Granted I haven’t done much of it in SynthV, so maybe that’s a universal thing for the synth...

    I’d like to have this cover up by Sunday! I might be able to finish tuning it tomorrow, then mixing it after work and my date on Saturday. The song doesn’t have a video (unless you count the 2010 KineMaster lyric video that has like 200 views), so not sure what I’ll do there... I might screen-record and catch that sweet in-editor action, but it’s such a beautiful song I’d like to make a video that sets the tone as well.
    Rin and Len went out to have ice cream "ugh all these boring ice cream flavours..its all the same cant they come up with something new?" "If youre so smart t then why dont you create one yourself?" Len paused for a second "Rin youre genius" "Oh my god" and from there Len opened his own ice cream stand but no one came ever "Len its just a mud" "I know""

    So what do you guys think? Ive ben having issues writing as of late as u can see....ehm.....BUUT its gettig better i think :)
    Finally, the SVP is complete! Now to tune this bad boy, which I will do at a later time because Saki is surprisingly frustrating to work with.
    A conversation with Patuk has gotten me thinking, and I think I've found a solution (or at least an aid) for the problem I have with picking at my face. Maybe it'll help someone else too!

    Being autistic, I need a lot of tactile stimulation, which manifests in a variety of forms (pica, restlessness, etc). I believe me picking at my skin is another such form. I do it because it keeps my hands occupied and it makes me feel something. When a spot gets too sore to keep picking at, I'll move onto another spot; if there isn't another spot, I'll make one. Needless to say, the end result is... not pretty.

    So! I put some Pixi toner in a little spray bottle, and every time I get the urge to pick, I'm going to spritz my face. It gives me the stimulation I need, and it helps my skin rather than hurts it! If it's a bit too much for my skin, I'll switch to something a little lighter, or maybe just plain water. But I thought this would be a good way to both fight the urge to pick AND get some extra skin benefits while I'm at it!
    Hmm... at this rate I'm flip-flopping between my favorite moisturizer and that God-forsaken Neutrogena moisturizer, because my skin's finally starting to behave and I'm trying to reintroduce other products. (Up to now I've only been cleansing and moisturizing for the past two months or so.) My skin got stressed and dry enough that I could FINALLY justify using my favorite moisturizer... but I've got a hydrating serum from Laneige that I wanna continue with, and it doesn't mix well with the moisturizer. I may have to keep looking for something new.

    God, please, just... let me find an HG moisturizer. Give me that much, I beg of You
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