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  • "I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound pissed. It's just that I'm pissed."

    -Patuk, 2021
    My 3rd eye has opened and I realized I don't need my vocal synth collection, I'm selling my vocal synths and from now on only using Nanao cuz he's the best. Who wants which vb/s?
    I've spent the past three hours watching ILoveLanguages!' videos. Y'all, I just... I love Slavic languages so much. You hear people calling them ugly-sounding and harsh, but they're beautiful, and they're just so lovely to listen to. Will someone please join me in fawning over them? They don't deserve the negative reputation they have.

    I am in no way biased by the fact that I have a Slavic girlfriend, of course. Slovak being my favorite in particular while she herself is Slovak is purely coincidence.
    So apparently, according to their anime, Matcha and Azuki are... more or less actually in love? I still have yet to watch it (I plan to watch it through tonight), but evidently the gist of the last half is:

    Matcha and Azuki: *do literally anything*

    Anyone watching them: "That's Really Fucking Gay™"

    I stan my canon gals so much and I'm gonna make a poster for them because they deserve it.
    Box art box art box art~

    These are temporary mock-ups; as you can tell by the back of Matcha's box, I encountered some issues while working with them today. Our Print shop uses an older version of Publisher that doesn't support non-Latin script, so a lot of the text got either reformatted, ruined, or just straight-up erased. So I just focused on getting the sizing right, and tonight's project is re-formatting them appropriately and saving the PDFs so I can print out the true products (hopefully) tomorrow!

    Mirai, my sweet child. I don't care how much people mock you. I love you and will always love you. 🥺

    I'm contemplating covering Nun Girl and Idol Girl with her to really push how far I can take her voice, and Akari I'm wanting to put in the harmonies of a Matcha cover I've had in the works for a while. Hmm... what else can I do with these lovely ladies?
    Phew... with the Fukase cover done and published (please go support it if you liked it! Comments on my video keep me going for days at a time :clara_ani_lili:), I'm at a loss on what to do now. I've got several projects I've been working on, but that's been THE definitive "Hurry up and get it done, it needs to be finished", and now that it IS finished... hmm. What now?
    I got a new spray to help get rid of gnats, and I got excited and sprayed it literally everywhere when I got home. Now my entire apartment is overwhelmed with the smell of lemongrass oil. Not a bad scent in moderation, but when you have two cats and autism-related hyperosmia? Euagh. I've got my air purifier on high and the window open (even though it is WAY too hot for that), so this spray had better work for all the trouble it's put me through.

    Anyway, new cover going up in half an hour or so!
    You ever see a video that brings you great joy, then you forget about it for a while, and then when you rediscover it again it brings you just as much joy as the first time? That's this video for me.

    Now that my head trauma is significantly less debilitating (read: I took a shit-ton of medications and a nap), I decided to welcome Akari to my computer! And along with her, who's that lovely lady~?

    Dr. Realist remains the single best usage of Gakupo and CosMo's single most underrated masterpiece. :miku_ani_lili:
    Actually, it's been a long-time dream of mine to cover it, especially with Gakupo/Rin/Luka V4, but I, uh... I can't top that. It's been ten years and still it's auditory perfection.
    Actually, fun fact: one of my very earliest Vocaloid fanfics (which was mercifully never transferred digitally and remains lost to time in a tattered notebook) was based on Star Girl and the Illusion Paradise. There'd only been about four songs released at the time, so of course the events and characterizations were way off, but in my defense... anyway! The only thing I explicitly remember from it was Dr. Realist going into a fit of hysteria, Rho being like "Sister... he's doing it again." and Lambda saying "Yes, I see. I'll handle this." Then she smashes an alarm clock over his head and drags his unconscious body out of the room while Rho thanks her.

    Also, my dad was forced to listen to it endlessly with me when I was a teenager, and he liked to joke about how traumatic such a chaotic song was. He called it "Dr. Feelgood". When I moved back home a few years ago, he asked me to put some songs on his phone, so I did... and decided to slip Dr. Realist onto the playlist, for old time's sake. A few days later I got a call from him. He'd had his playlist on Shuffle while commuting and Dr. Realist inevitably came on, and he'd had to pull over because he was laughing so hard.
    I finally discovered why Akari's taking so long: I had her delivered to my mom's, because she works from home and lives in a secluded neighborhood, plus my mom works from home, perfect for receiving packages and ensuring their safety. Except she leaves the house between 3 and 4 every day to pick up my sister from school... which is when EMS has been coming by to deliver Akari. And search though I tried, I never did find a way to digitally sign off ahead of time.

    They FINALLY left a note today saying that they're just gonna keep it at the nearest post office for me to come pick up. So I'll have my girl tomorrow, assuming I don't sleep through my alarms again!
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