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  • Anri's here at long last! And with that, I'll probably call a hiatus on acquiring 'loids for a while. I mean... I think I've got enough to last me a while here.

    After having supposedly been discontinued, my favorite SPF of all time is back in stock on the manufacturer's Amazon! Just in case it's a temporary thing, I bought four bottles. I would've bought more, but that stuff expires after a while, y'know? 😅

    Actually, I've been on a mission here lately: restart my entire skincare routine from scratch. I lost my passion for it. I didn't want to do it anymore. My skin is worse than it's ever been as a result. So! I'm tossing everything I have into a box and ordering my Holy Grails, the products that left me with such a strong feeling of joy and satisfaction that I'll look forward to using them every day.

    One item has been sadly discontinued (and was discontinued like a month after I first got it, nearly three years ago. Rest in pieces, DermaE Sage and Lavender Oil), but I just placed an order for my SPF and moisturizer, and my cleanser arrived today. I look forward to getting back in the swing of things!

    Well, uh. My mom intercepted my package and put it in her car so she could give it to me... when she gets home from her vacation. Soooooo Anri's not happening just yet.

    In the meantime! Have this WIP I posted a while back and then immediately deleted because I got self-conscious. I'll be working on a separate WIP tonight, but I still wanna get back to this one...

    I wanna thank VVN for being a safe haven of stability and support in this fandom. I can vent my frustrations here and I'm met with kindness and encouragement, and I can only hope I'm returning even a fraction of that kindness to others!

    Now that I've had a day to wallow in my own self-pity, I'm able to organize my thoughts:
    1. I'm not a fan of how Solaria turned out, and I'll continue to beat myself up over that. But she's bringing so much joy and excitement to this forum, and for that I'm happy!
    2. I'm no good at tuning, not much better than I was when I first started. But I enjoy it. I have to push myself continuously to get anywhere at all. I'm no Kira or Giga and I never will be, but what's so wrong with just being Peaches, a low-profile, mediocre cover artist who posts the odd banger here and there? If I'm having fun with it, that's al that matters, right?
    3. I need to clear out space to practice hand-drawing vibratos. Like, an hour or so a day. There's no excuse for not being able to do it after four years. I can't wallow in self-pity until I've actually pushed myself!
    4. Also, Anri has arrived!! I have to wait until after work to pick her up, but I'm very happy and can't wait to test her out~
    "hand drawing vibratos" listen i have been using vocaloid for almost 7 years and i have never done hand drawn vibrato.... but i wish you luck! i totally get why people do it but i have accepted being a lazy bitch :cry:
    I've used V5 since it came out and I dread the thought of when I have to use the draw-on parameters for growl and character. The UI is just bad. I use the attack and release effects exclusively for everything. The best vibrato I've found so far is by right clicking select all and putting the {release effect} TONE Air_with_Vib2 at (0.3) on every note. Then I go through and remove it where it sounds off. Lazy but it does the job on most songs I cover.
    When you download a VSQx by a talented tuner to reference to improve your own tuning, but you give up because you're ruining their excellent work, so you just plug in your favorite Vocaloid and listen to it on repeat while sinking in the overwhelming dread of knowing you're no better now than you were four years ago and that you'll never be any good at what you love, and you've wasted all of this time and money that will at the end of the day matter to no one and make no one happy, and therefore your existence and creations are all irrelevant

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    If I didn't think I'd regret it, I'd delete my YouTube. At the very least, the world would be a little brighter with a little less of me. One of my managers says that thinking I have that much influence over anything makes me the narcissist of the century. Being a narcissist herself, I have no reason not to believe her.

    I wanna buy something that'll make me happy. The thing is, nothing I've tried all day or night brings me any kind of joy, and everything in town is closed except for the gas station the next block over, which isn't the safest place for a woman to be going alone at this hour. What would they have anyway? I'm not hungry, so a snack wouldn't do me any good, and I just filled my car up this afternoon.
    Nokone Miku
    Nokone Miku
    Narcissists always try and make others feel bad about themselves. It's just one of their tools of manipulation. These negative existential feelings are just a common part of dealing with depression. All you can do is remind yourself that it's a temporary feeling (even if it is a recurring feeling).

    Here's a piece of advice I was given: Out there, somewhere among the mass of humanity is at least one person who needs to hear the music you create. So even if you just reach that one person, it was all worth doing. You'll never know who they are, and you'll never know what it is about your art that they need to experience or why. But they're out there.

    Even your enthusiasm for collecting all the various voicebanks and creating custom boxes for them inspires me to stop procrastinating and get back to working on music.
    I feel like I'm broken. I wanted to love Solaria and I just don't. This is what happened with Ellie AI and Kafu and... I dunno. Whenever a VB sees widespread acclaim, I always fuck up and can't make myself love it like everyone else does. What am I doing here? If I can't even celebrate what everyone else celebrates and hate what everyone else hates, do I have a place here? Of course I don't, but I don't know where else to go, so maybe I'll just need to stay in my corner and shut up for the time being. If I get depressed enough, I'll be too numb to think, and that'll be a good opportunity to rewire my thoughts and opinions. Then I'll really belong, right?
    USPS insists Anri will be at my doorstep when I get home from work. Even though she just left Washington state this morning, per the tracking info. Which is, according to Google, about 2,102 miles away, which is around 31 hours by car.

    Oh, USPS. It's okay. I like setting unrealistic expectations for myself too.

    But! I've got a project in the works for her already. I don't work in English all that much, and I haven't touched English in SynthV since experimenting with Maki English, so it's been fun! Maybe this'll help me get my spark back.
    Yeah, I love VirVox's cast of colorful characters! How can you not love:
    • Genbu Kurono Takehiro, who is this GenBu you speak of? It's always been Kurono Takehiro and Kurono Takehiro alone
    • Blue Genbu
    • Red Genbu (now with glasses!)
    • Len, but he's Yukari's age, but he's treated like he's Yuki's age
    They're so quirky and unique 🥺
    In one of the comics posted to their Twitter, he’s asleep on the couch, and Blue Genbu scolds him for sleeping there because “You’ll catch a cold”, and then gives him a piggy-back ride to his room. In another, Blue and Red Genbu scold him for his poor grades in school, with Blue Genbu grabbing him by the ear and telling him that he’s going to study hard, starting now. I didn’t mind it at first because I figured he was meant to be a younger teenager, so of course his bandmates would baby him.

    Per VirVox, he’s 18. Just two years younger than Genbu.
    Legally Pipp Petals
    Legally Pipp Petals
    Yeah, as Peaches described, he's ridiculously infantilized for his age, and with how the rest of the dudes each have their own "appeal", how they just barely "made him legal" and how Virvox had indirectly encouraged R-18 content of their characters in the past, imo, he's pretty obvious dog whistle for the sh*ta community :kyo_lili:
    was unaware they switched up all this with genbu.... definitely a little weird to make the youngest one 18 but them write him like hes a 15 year old in high school o_O like come on, you made him adult for a (likely legal) reason....why not... make him act like one. even if he was finishing up high school it's still weird considering the other baby-ish aspects theyv shown. theyre obviously doing something on purpose there
    I've been having amazing luck with a particular AI splitter and have made a plethora of off-vocal tracks for songs that technically don't have them! So I decided to finally try one for a song I've always wanted to cover: Sky Burial by UtsuP.

    It didn't actually recognize the vocals from the music for the most part. It got about 80% of the sung parts and just left all of the harshes completely intact.

    Hm. Welp! Maybe I'll have better luck with Resonance by Exist Trace! And if it works, maybe I'll actually get creative and cover it with someone other than Len V4X Power.

    (I'm 100% going to cover it with Len V4X Power.)
    Result: shaky! It'd be fine if the audio didn't keep randomly dropping out. I'm sure there's a fix to that, I just don't know what it is and Google keeps telling me "Just set the volume to one factor! That'll do the trick!" Yeah, that's great when you've got multiple tracks you're trying to balance out, not when you have one that keeps bottoming out.

    Ah, maybe if I sleep on it i'll come up with something.
    SynthV is once again doing that thing where the times keep going out of sync. It's just been so buggy as of late, even more than usual, so I'm probably gonna hold off on getting Tsuina for that reason. Once Anri gets here I'll give it another stab and see if the bug got fixed! But I'm just fed up with it right now. :clara_ani_lili:
    Good news: I think I've finally found a cat food brand that's gentle on Lucy's stomach! Her tummy's so sensitive, but we just got through a full bag (so about two weeks) with no puking or anything.

    Bad news: It's made by Bobby Flay, the single biggest douche canoe in the culinary world, and maybe the world as a whole.

    Worse news: I just now found that out, after boasting about it to my entire family and coworkers. I'm humiliated.

    Slightly better news: 90% of the marketing is focused on his cat and not him, so at the very least, I can imagine the food being formulated by an orange Maine Coon instead of a narcissistic blight on the human species.
    Phew! Finished the live-action A Man and His Cat. Final verdict: WATCH IT. HOLY CRAP. Watch every episode except Episode 11 (unless you're just particularly fond of ugly-crying for thirty minutes straight); the ending of Episode 10 covers the first part of the conflict and the beginning of Episode 12 covers its conclusion, so you won't miss anything by skipping it (in fact I think the whole damn episode needs to be outlawed, but that's just me).

    I digress! You can find it subbed in English here. Please. I'm begging you. Watch it.
    Joy. V2's once again doing that fun little thing where it refuses to open. I figured it's just because I recently installed Yuki, so I re-installed Rin/Len Append so that the editor would be back up-to-date. Nope! Even that's not working.

    I could really use the wisdom of the elders right about now. I'd like to use my girl. 😭
    I mean, to be fair... my first solo usage of Rin was in a song about cats... and this song serves as the OP for a show about cats... so,
    Hahaha I’m the same but with Tei. I’ve 20 gigs of UTAU downloaded but only ever use Tei because all the songs I want to cover are just perfect with her! XD
    Nokone Miku
    Nokone Miku
    You have enough voicebanks to fill out the cast of a musical. You could potentially do something similar to OSTER project's "Alice in Musicland."

    I'm surprised you don't cover some of halyosy's chorus songs when you have so many. Like "Pain Eraser" or "Blessing."
    So maybe I SHOULDN'T be sending all of my mediocre works to my enthusiastically supportive father. I redid my only full-length Saki cover using her AI and admitted that I really wasn't planning on publishing it, I just wanted to tailor it to her AI for fun and wanted him to provide general tuning feedback. Since he knows nothing about vocal synthesis, he provides commentary from the sole perspective of a professional singer, and that helps ensure my works retain expression, so that was my goal here.

    I just got off of the phone with him. He spent ten minutes dissecting every last little thing about it that he loved (he spent three minutes on the vibrato alone), and ended it with "So tell me again why you're not gonna publish it?"

    So here I am, seriously considering recycling an old cover with marginal differences because my dad told me it's good.

    I'm too much of a daddy's girl for my own good. I made him proud and now I've got too much confidence because of it. 😅
    So I've spent the past three days straight crying over Fuyuki Kanda. Like, even though they changed his appearances some in the live-action adaptation, they captured his essence perfectly (helped by the side-by-sides of the manga vs. the drama that they show in the end credits of each episode), and his actor is phenomenal.

    Aaaaaaaah I can't wait for the anime adaptation!!! I honestly hope they recast Kanda's actor, but the live-action drama is handled so well that I trust the team behind the anime no matter what.

    A Man and His Cat (manga), the first few chapters: "Here's a lonely cat and a lonely man! We'll learn more about them as we go along, but first, let's watch them interact and have a good time together."

    A Man and His Cat (live-action), the first six minutes: "Hey kids! This cat has accepted that he's going to die alone and nameless and this man just made a cup of coffee for his dead wife because he's desperately trying to hold onto her in any way that he can! Fun for the whole family!"

    (Also, the live-action adaptation has Kanda working at a Yamaha music school, so naturally I will never criticize Yamaha again, because that's where my sweet boy works.)
    Well, one plus side of YouTube ditching the dislike button: I can no longer see the two dislikes I got on this video, so I have the nerve to try sharing it again! I know it’s quite lackluster (hence, I’m assuming, the two dislikes I got within five views 😅), but I enjoy their tone enough that I still wanna show it off.

    Kaito English is unironically amazing and you can’t convince me otherwise

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