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  • Been playing around with Alter/Ego, but I can't find any info about "01-user" in the voice menu. What is its purpose?

    A mystery...
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    I don't know. :( The only voicebank I have ever used is Bones and he shows up in the voice menu as a separate option:
    Bones (en, jp, talker)
    The only option that gives me an error is 01-user, which says I need a specific file, but the directory for the file doesn't exist. The manual doesn't mention 01-user and the forums don't mention it either. The only conclusion I can come up with is that it's a setting only the developers of Alter/Ego use.

    Or maybe I made a mistake during installation? I'm confused!
    That’s really interesting. It could be for developers, or maybe it’s like...Daisy’s slot before she was removed and they simply forgot to remove that? That seems reasonable enough to me, though I don’t use A/E to be able to know if that’s anywhere near plausible.
    I remember a tweet from Alter/Ego's developers mentioning possibly making their tools available so other people could make their own voices. And another tweet mentioned an UTAU converter. I'm thinking that the 01-user was a way for voicebank makers to test their voices before finalizing them. That's my theory lol.

    Now I'm really hoping they would release an UTAU to A/E converter! I want to see how many languages could work in A/E!
    I think that, instead of Japanese CV, beginners should try Japanese CVVC as their first voicebank. While CV is super simple to record and oto, CVVC teaches concepts and skills similar to VCV, VCCV and arpasing. I'm not against CV voicebanks. In fact, I used to have zero interest in non-CV/VCV voicebanks until Xia Yu Yao came along. I just think CVVC is very useful for learning how to oto.

    Edit: I cut down the length because I got too wordy...
    I wonder if I should put all the tips and tutorials I find into a journal instead of stuffing them into my profile...
    With the extra phoneme "dx" it may be possible to make Eleanor sing in accented Korean (and Japanese). Not too sure about double-consonants.

    I've tried just adding an extra consonant (example: /.k k aa/ for 까 based on the revised romanization), and it kind of works. I could hear a slight difference. I've also tried adjusting the tension parameter just so it only affects the beginning of the note, but it's too messy and too much work.

    Out of all the V5 Standard Vocals, Ken is the only one I like. He's seems to be less "awkward". (But it also depends on the skill of the user how well a Vocaloid sounds...)
    I know Nana is a Vocaloid now, but I kinda miss the GarageBand voices. It was interesting to listen to (both good and bad) songs/covers that used only GarageBand itself.
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