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    On voice (technical aspect)

    Settings shared by a VTuber called Yua to assist with masculine to feminine voice: Pitch = highness of voice. High number makes the voice high pitched, lower number makes the voice lower pitched. The tutorial sets theirs to 126%. Format = changes voice quality. They described a high number as...
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    Real-time voice conversion software aimed at VTubers called "Voidol"

    AUDIOBOX + VOIDOL (My settings) 1. Audiobox = Behringer U-Phoria UM2 2. How to connect audiobox to your computer = Printer cable (A-Male to B-Male) 3. Cardoid mic = Behringer XM8500 4. How to connect mic to audiobox = XLR male to female microphone cable OPTIONAL: 5. Pop filter 6. Foam...
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    On voice (technical aspect)

    To get your voice converted by Koigoe, change the Input Device to the virtual mic "CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)" & then press the mic icon in Koigoe: Make sure that your setup is working in Koigoe (blue sound waves appear in the Pitch Analyzer --> In Sound, the green bars will fill up...
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    On voice (technical aspect)

    Tutorial for Koigoe for real-time voice conversion in Discord YOU WILL NEED: 1) Koigoe: 恋声 Scroll down to 「恋声」Ver2.87 のダウンロード / Download "Koigoe" Ver2.87 2) VB-CABLE: VB-Audio Virtual Apps The website is in English, click the orange download button. The driver pack contains two exe files...
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    Other Crowdfunding for A.I.VOICE Adachi Rei, TTS without a voice provider

    I forgot to say that in this clip, she says tomorrow a more detailed explanation will be uploaded in video format. (I assume like missile_39's other long videos that are basically live streams.)
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    Other Voice Synth Sales Thread

    How to get Sasara's CeVIO AI voice at 30% off (Thread is 2 parts and explains prices, this price will end August 5th) 30% off Internet Co Vocaloids until August 17th AHS sale coming up in a couple days
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    A.I.VOICE Tange Kotoe Crowdfunding Campaign

    The types of voices they want to do are so weird compared to normal. Normally, you'd get Normal/Happy/Sad/Angry, but these are so oddly specific. 0:55 = Normal version (ノーマルver) 1:11 = No personality version (無個性ver) 1:28 = Bokukko (ボクッ娘ver) [Uses "boku" pronoun, closest equivalent to English...
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    CeVIO Updated IA/IA English/ONE banks coming to Cevio AI

    They had the ARIA SPECIAL SHOWCASE for crowdfund backers and apparently it was disappointing, not worth the money, & wonked up (late to start, looked like janky MMD). Also, HIPPI sang 2 songs but it was most likely human and not vocal synthesis. A few users think it was vocal synthesis, but 1st...
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    CeVIO CeVIO AI Satou Sasara

    2 part thread explaining how to get best price on Sasara (until August 5th)
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    CeVIO Updated IA/IA English/ONE banks coming to Cevio AI

    I talked to someone who is an ARIA fan and they said that them being twins was a "thing" during their concerts. I checked Google like crazy in English & Japanese, the only official lore was the crowdfunding page for the ARIA VR Theater saying they were twins (as in, they don't keep their lore...
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    General Discussion Thread

    Thanks for the info, I really appreciate it. I kept trying to search Google/Twitter/Discord but couldn't find anything about controversies or even anything other than mentions of wondering about the "mysterious CeVIO twins" (aka nothing lhelpful). I tried checking out Kou's Twitter, but they...
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    General Discussion Thread

    Because the tweets are gone & so is 404notfounder_'s account, I actually found two quotes from SpyNEWS. I feel like it's safe to say something happened to the project.... Source: #今週のSpyNEWSまとめ 2021/5/31-6/6 - [email protected]音声合成関係のニュース
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    General Discussion Thread

    I heard somewhere (forgot the source) that the person working with the twin voice bank is controversial in the community, not sure why. Not gonna lie, Teto sounds really rough (hard to understand, loud plosive noises, choppy). Sounds like they just got started on it, though. ("Currently in...
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    General Discussion Thread

    So weird, the tweets are all gone.