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    Strange glitched display on Vocalistener v4

    Yes, I've tried closing and re-opening, the result is the same :/ The clip is only around 3 minutes, and seeing as vocalistener is meant to be able to do full songs, I don't feel like that's too much for it to handle. To test, I tried a short clip (~10 seconds) and had the same result. My...
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    Strange glitched display on Vocalistener v4

    So, I recently purchased a used copy of vocalistener. Everything works, technically, but due to the strange display issues I feel like I'm flying half-blind. The issue shows itself most upon scrolling, where the elements on the screen seem to stamp over themselves indefinitely. The only way to...
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    Question How do i go about making covers when i can't find a MIDI for the song i want?

    Tbh i'm gonna be the lone voice with this claim but don't think you need to know any music theory at all. All you need to do it sing the note you need out loud and hold it while you check different notes until you find a match. Of course the drawback to this is you sound like an idiot to anyone...
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    Dumb question about covers

    You need to post screenshots. We can't tell what you're talking about from your description. (At least I can't)
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    Entirely artificial UTAU voicebank

    My thoughts are everything was great except for that horrifying life-sized 3d printed anime girl animatronic skeleton which, by the way, will find its way into my nightmares for sure. But jokes aside, it's very interesting. Like a modern day Voder machine or something. I seriously hope the...
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    Underappreciated or Obscure Songs that You Like?

    My all-time favorite vocaloid song is actually one that has never surpassed 6,000 views on any platform. Unfortunately the producer has deleted all his accounts now, but there's still a reprint of the song on youtube.
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    Cover & MUSIC VIDEO of Raujika (Gumi V4)

    Fun fact: I started working on this all the way back in 2016. All tuning & art is by me. If you liked it, I'd really appreciate it if you gave it a like (& comment if you feel like doing charity) because I worked for several years on it and your engagement would really help me in my losing...
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    All Star by Smash Mouth (Gumi English cover)

    figured i'd post this here since i almost died making it vsqx: me video edit: also me
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    What Was The First Manga You Ever Read?

    The first manga I read is pretty unknown, I think. I just happened to find it tucked away in my middle school's library and thought the art looked really cute: Looking back it's pretty clear that the author was kind of a novice when she started writing this series (weird panel structure, hard...
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    Question Advice for a Noob UST/VSQx maker?

    I always sound like an idiot when making VSQs because my method for pitch-matching is: Listen to the original to find the part I'm doing Using that as reference, start humming the correct pitch Switch back to the VSQ (humming the whole time) and start mashing random keys on the side piano until...
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    Interviewing Vocaloid Fans

    I can help you out with 2 & 3. I'm glad you're doing this, it's a topic I've often wanted to see investigated.
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    god this one is one of my top faves. Totally lost it when i first heard it. i think it's the background music.
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    What's your favorite Vocaloid PV(s)?

    This is definitely my all-time favorite: I REALLY love miku's design in this. It's probably my favorite I've ever seen. I'm a gigantic fan of creepy/unsettling mikus.
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    US & Canada MikuExpo 2021 tour

    I went to the DC one in 2018 and it was kind of a mess imo. Not sure if I'm willing to go again, LOL. At least in that location. edit: I'm blind apparently, turns out it's gonna be at a different venue from last time. Decisions, decisions...
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    What Vocaloids do You Consider "Popular"?

    I feel like Flower in particular has really shot up in popularity within the last couple years. It's surprising to me that she took off a reasonably long while after her initial release. Nowadays it seems like everybody's using her. I'm curious what an eng VB would sound like with her :P But...