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  1. Osse

    Favourite YouTubers?

    Not sure if this kind of thread has been posted anywhere, but I'd love to hear what YouTubers you guys watch! It can be within any subject, so long as they're an actual YouTuber and not that they only have a VEVO channel, for example. I've been watching: Jenny Nicholson Have I ever had an...
  2. Osse

    Osse's Covers!

    I've decided to make a thread for my covers! I've been a little nervous to post them, but I say... screw that, cause I want to do it now. Still making them private though... (Just want to note that all of my covers are really short. I never have motivation to finish an entire song, so it usually...
  3. Osse

    Kimi no Taion - WIP

    Hi! Here's a WIP of a cover I'm making using Koharu Rikka. I've admittedly got very little experience in mixing, so I'd love to hear your feedback on that!
  4. Osse


    Hello, my name is Osse! I'm a Synthesizer V/UTAU user from Sweden (I haven't uploaded anything yet, but I'll get around to it eventually). I'm quite socially anxious due to my Aspergers, so I don't know how active I'll be, but I've always wanted to participate in the Vocalsynth community. I've...