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  1. Elsa12TMNT

    MIDI into UTAU - Don't see any notes?

    Hi, I have a problem with a MIDI file that I downloaded that I want to use for an UTAU cover. I'm not sure if what I downloead was a normal MIDI file or a Vocaloid MIDI file, which is possible, since the original song was sung by a V1. I tried to import it into both UTAU and SynthV, and while it...
  2. Elsa12TMNT

    Kikyuune Family Fanclub

    Hello! Welcome to a fanclub for the Kikyuune UTAU family! Specifically, this club focuses on MystSaphyr's Momloid and Dadloid, Akiko and Akihiko; however, Akio, Aiko, and Fuusenne are all welcome and (I hope) their stuff will be added soon. I am just getting started with UTAU (I eventually want...
  3. Elsa12TMNT

    Hello everyone!

    I'm Elsa12TMNT! Just "Elsa" is also ok with me. I don't produce music using voice syntheziers like Vocaloid or UTAU, but I do hope to do so in the future! I mostly enjoy listening to music and the characters. I draw them sometimes, and want to write about them as well. For now, I'm just a fan...