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  1. RemeliaScarletto

    What emojis do you associate a vocal synth with?

    I've seen emojis being associated with some VTubers, so in that case, what emojis do you think represent each vocal synth? Here's my takes: 🍊 - Kagamine Rin 🍌 - Kagamine Len 🐙 - Megurine Luka 🍦 - KAITO 🍶 - MEIKO 🥕 - GUMI 🍆 - Gackpo 🐝 - Lily 🍸 - Tonio 💎 - Aoki Lapis ♥ - Kokone
  2. RemeliaScarletto

    Singers who have the same birthday as vocal synth anniversaries

    There's a coincidence that a singer would have a birthday in the same birthday/anniversary as a vocal synth. In the case of bands only the lead singer will be considered. I'll put parenthesis on what date I'm referring to. I'll also include rappers as well, as well as DJs and composers. Band...
  3. RemeliaScarletto

    Which Vocaloid song should you sing?

    Try it out! (I got Rolling Girl by Wowaka by the way)
  4. RemeliaScarletto

    CAL Vocal Synth Edition S1

    Welcome to Create-A-Label, one of the most well known games on pretty much almost every single music forum ever! I found this game through a forum that I'm in. Basically, if you don't know what it is, it is an online music simulation game where you manage your own label and sign real life...
  5. RemeliaScarletto

    What was the first vocal synth song you've ever listened to?

    It can be any vocal synth or just overall in general. For me, it'd have to be World is Mine or Electric Angel
  6. RemeliaScarletto

    I can't make Marie Ork say anything for some reason...

    So I have AlterEgo. I downloaded Marie Ork and for some odd reason it wouldn't let her speak anything. Same when I try to make her sing...
  7. RemeliaScarletto

    What song are you listening to?

    Post which Vocal Synth/Non Vocal Synth song you're listening to! Right now I'm listening to:
  8. RemeliaScarletto

    Making vocal synths using color palettes

    Basically, every day, I'll give you a color palette. I use Canva Colors to generate my color palettes. You can give away certain details about the vocal synth based on the palette. Here's the template that was inspired by this (you don't need to use it): So let's begin, shall we? Here's the...
  9. RemeliaScarletto

    Recreating female vocal synths using AI

    Everyday, I'll attempt to recreate a female vocal synth, whether it's from Vocaloid, or SynthV, or any vocal synth program you could possibly think of. There's a chance that I may do more than 1 vocal synth. I use Waifu Labs to make these. I'll post them on the thread when it's ready. You can...
  10. RemeliaScarletto

    If vocal synths have stands...

    If you don't know what a stand is, it's a thing from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure where it's basically a physical manifestation of a person's "life energy". Their names usually come from musical acts, album titles, and in some cases, song titles. So if vocal synths do have their own stand, what...
  11. RemeliaScarletto

    Voice Synth Zine Thread

    If you guys know any voice synth zines, ongoing or not, you can post them here :mirai_ani_lili:
  12. RemeliaScarletto

    What is the most obscure UTAU you know?

    Inspired by this thread, I decided to do this but with UTAUs instead
  13. RemeliaScarletto

    What languages would you like to see in voicebanks?

    We have English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish and Korean. But what about the other languages that you would like to see besides these that I mentioned?
  14. RemeliaScarletto

    Voicesynths with canon birthdays?

    Do you know any voicesynths with canon birthdays? they don't need to be just their release date
  15. RemeliaScarletto

    VOCALOID Vocaloids that sound like other singers?

    What Vocaloids do you think sound like other singers? I'll start: Miku sounds like Ariana Grande
  16. RemeliaScarletto

    Underrated voicebanks

    What do you think are the most underrated voicebanks? (not limited to just Vocaloid)
  17. RemeliaScarletto

    Underrated producers?

    What are some producers that you think are underrated? (not limited to just Vocaloid)
  18. RemeliaScarletto


    Hey guys! I'm Rem, and this is my first time posting in this forum. I am here because I am a fan of VOCALOID. I first started getting into Vocaloid in 2014 (and joined the fandom on the same year), then left in 2017, and came back in 2019. My favorite Vocaloids are MEIKA Hime and Mikoto...