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  1. BubblyStar

    What are ways to get better at writing?

    I'm having trouble. I haven't written anything(like full chapters, not random quotes, they don't count) in years. Maybe since middle school. Sadly, I lost them(the better ones at least), so I can't go back and learn from my mistakes like I usually would. I don't know how to get back into...
  2. BubblyStar

    BubblyStar's Art Dump

    I posted these on my Deviantart already, but I wanted to post them here :3 I separate characters by engine (because why not, right?) I know. I draw Ruko too much. I'm sorry lol
  3. BubblyStar

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi! My name is BubblyStar, but also DazzleBlitz on other websites (I alternate between these names, so if anyone gets confused, sorry lol). I like to draw original art and Vocaloid fan art(I usually draw them as anthropomorphic animals though because I'm not good at drawing humans). Example: I...