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  1. InstallGentoo

    Resource Aura Qualic presets, soundsets and soundbanks

    If you paid attention to the Trance Vocaloid scene the past decade you would've probably heard this guy. He still makes music and it seems he was releasing what he works with on this link. He's one of my favorite producers so seeing him provide to the community is...
  2. InstallGentoo

    I made two covers for Miku Birthday 2021

    I's not great but I'm a amateur and this was my third song. Looking for resources to make grunts groans and moans for third video (this time trendy meme).
  3. InstallGentoo

    Free VST plugins and equalizers

    What are your most used VST plugins for your DAW. I'm trying to so a sort of Trance music set on Miku's birthday and All the stuff I've been looking at online has a instrument online that's like 200 dollars and I just don't have the funds for that. For the progress I'm making sample sound packs...
  4. InstallGentoo

    Piapro Studio Miku NT vocal synth tuning

    All super helpful, thank you for the information, there is a few questions though. Panpot means to increase decibel in left ear or right earphone or headphone and increase decibel or amplitude of sound in the other? Note gain... and Dynamics, what's the difference? I only know sound has a wave...
  5. InstallGentoo

    Piapro Studio Miku NT vocal synth tuning

    I am completely and utterly new to vocaloid (as a creator, I've been a fan since I was 15, 8 years ago) but I am very motivated. what do I do to get Miku NT to sound like she is speaking japanese and not some midi instrument? What parameters and how far can those parameters go until it starts...