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  1. TornFlame

    Elanor Forte Like Whatever Cover Synth V

    Song and VSQX by VocaCircus-P I hope I can receive some recommendations on mixing software/tuning. I would like to add more emotion to the voice.
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    Synth V Like Whatever Cover

    VSQX/SONG by VocaCircus-P I would appreciate any advice/mixing software recommendations. After practicing Synth V for a bit I was able to produce this cover :). The VSQ was not made by me but the mixing process took FAR too long (I tuned through trial and error). This experience taught me a...
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    I'm streaming Megamix39's and taking song requests :)

    Feel free to chat, I need to make friends haha. (not joking)
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    Tokyo Teddy Bear Male English Cover

    This is my first song cover so its a bit shaky, but I'm still proud of the result. I would like to continue making vocaloid covers so please show support if you enjoy!
  5. TornFlame

    Tokyo Teddy Bear Male Cover

    This is my first song cover ever, so it might be a bit shaky but I'm proud of the result. If you enjoy please like, comment, or share to show some support.
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    Project Diva Megamix 39's Review
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    Why I'm Hype for Mega Mix Why are you hype for Mega Mix?
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    VOCALOID My Vocaloid song of the day is Just Be Friends. I love this song's beat and Luka's vocals. It parallels to real life situations very well, and I think the PV is one of my favorites. I prefer the original V2 over the V4 version.
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    Top 10 Vocaloids List I posted on my blog Hey yall! I'm a huge vocaloid fan and I recently posted a top 10 list of my personal favorite Vocaloids on my blog. Please comment with any opinions and comments you may have <3