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  1. iamjune

    Hello I forgot to do this! oof

    Hello! I've been a fan of vocaloid for 3 years and I just now found out about this forum so I joined using my Discord account to talk about vocaloid with fans! if you wanna learn more about me check my profile!
  2. iamjune

    What Anime are you watching Right now or Planning on Watching?

    This seem like a fun topic to discuss so I ofc made a thread to discuss what anime you are watching atm or What one you are planning on watching if you aren't watching one rn! For me right now i'm watching an anime called Acchi Kocchi a Slice of Life anime! I was browsing a selection of anime in...
  3. iamjune

    Favorite Project Diva Game! and Why?

    I thought it be fun to see what everyone's favorite Cuz Project Diva is A Really Fun Game series and I wanted to know! In my opinion I really like F2nd for Nostalgic Reasons as it was my First ever PD game! Put You answer in the poll and reply to the post to explain why!