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  1. peaches2217

    Cyber Songman Deko ft. little hard drive (Cyber Songman) - WINDOWS77

    CW: Flashing lights A coworker and I actually bonded over this artist a while back, because he regularly uses Avanna (under the name Yameii) and even used Amy at one point. So a few days ago he was eager to tell me a new album dropped and we listened to it between customers, and imagine my...
  2. peaches2217

    Takimoto Rio ft. Tsukuyomi Ai - Gal

    Found this little hidden gem by sheer luck! All of its uploads that I managed to find have under 100 views put together.
  3. peaches2217

    MaoP ft. Oliver & Kagamine Len - Hyacinth

    The number of people who try forcing Len's Power when duetting him with Oliver is Way Too High, so hearing a super, super nice usage of Len Serious with Oliver is just... 👌👌👌👌👌
  4. peaches2217

    Tutorial Harsh Vocals in V5

    :kiyoteru_lili:Let's make harsh vocals in VOCALOID5! :kiyoteru_lili: Hey you! Do you have VOCALOID5? Do you wanna make music with harsh vocals (also known erroneously as "screamo")? Do you wanna do it all from the comfort of your Vocaloid editor, without having to fumble around with Charsiesis...
  5. peaches2217

    Yueyue ft. Minus/Muxin - Sicilian Free Verse (COVER)

    Bili link: (Y'all have no idea how hard I fangirled the whole time I listened to this. My favorite Mandarin vocalsynth song, covered by Quadimension's two newest vocals, and done exceptionally well? hhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
  6. peaches2217

    VOCALOID5 not opening

    Well, this is a tad annoying. I noticed last night that V5 wouldn't open when I tried opening it. I figured it was just because I hadn't turned off my laptop in a while. I've now restarted it twice, deleted and re-installed it twice (once just going straight to the registry editor), deleted...
  7. peaches2217

    VOCALOID Vsinger voicebank updates

    Welcome! If you're looking for updates on Shanghai HENIAN's wildly successful Vocaloid line Vsinger (formerly known as VOCALOID CHINA and PROJECT VOCANESE), you've come to the right place. It came to our attention that there's no dedicated thread for the Vsingers, and given how active their...
  8. peaches2217

    [COVER] Perfect Crime - Aimi ft. Kagamine Rin/Kamui Gakupo

    (The fact that this 1.) has under 3,000 views and 2.) hasn't even been reuploaded anywhere is a damn shame. This is one of those covers that I think trumps the OG, if I can be honest.)
  9. peaches2217

    Favorite Albums?

    I actually meant to make this like... a month ago. Whoops. Anyway, show me your favorite albums (bonus points for sharing your favorite song from said albums as well)! They can be vocalsynth or non-vocalsynth, anything goes here! I'll share a handful of mine: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son...
  10. peaches2217

    Favorite Music Videos?

    I wanted to make a few music-related threads, so I figured this would be a good one to kick off with! Show me your favorite music videos - bonus points if you share the story behind why you love it! This is my personal favorite! I got into Iron Maiden just before the release of The Book of...
  11. peaches2217

    Meiko yuukiss - Dethrone Hatsune Miku! I tried loli-training MEIKO in my composition

    Considering this is one of my all-time favorite Vocasongs, I'm ashamed that I haven't seen this before... Nostalogic and Sakine Meiko in their infancy!
  12. peaches2217

    V2's at it again.

    After installing Rin and Len Append, V2 crashed and burned. I figured, no problem, I'll just uninstall and reinstall everyone again and set the Appends as my base V2! The thing is: I only uninstalled half of them before, suddenly, I couldn't uninstall them at all. Not only can I not install any...
  13. peaches2217

    犬神様 ft. NECTO - O Light

  14. peaches2217

    Megurine Luka ROY ft. Megurine Luka - Stay by my side

    (Honestly, I still think this holds up super well, even all these years later. It's one of my favorite Luka usages, though I forgot it existed until about two minutes ago.)
  15. peaches2217

    MeLo ft. Cangqiong/Shian - Sicilian Freedom Poems

    (Click the image to go to the video. Here's hoping it gets a YouTube upload!) (The video translates the title as "The Freedom Poems of Sicilian", but that seemed... a little oddly-worded? I'd originally translated it as "Sicilian Free Verse", though I do wanna be as accurate to the intention...
  16. peaches2217

    Piapro playing back late in DAW

    Piapro itself isn't acting up: when I work within it, it's just fine. But when I try playing it back in the DAW with its backing track, it starts playing nearly three beats late. I've tried unchecking the Meter and Tempo buttons in Piapro. That didn't work. The tempo in both Piapro and the DAW...
  17. peaches2217

    VOCALOID2 uninstalled itself.

    So in an effort to make my V2 editor work, I tried uninstalling and reinstalling my V2s. It was going well until I tried installing Prima, forgetting I gave her to a friend a while back; the system freaked out and uninstalled V2, icon and all. No big deal, I'll just uninstall and reinstall the...
  18. peaches2217

    忘川风华录 ft. Cangqiong - Mulan Xing

    (Click the image to go to the video.) A beautiful retelling of the legend of Mulan!