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  1. GreenFantasy64

    The Vocaloid Apocalypse Game

    :sweetann_ani_lili: Time to be evil 1) :ryuuto_lili: This little kiddie. I was almost tempted to go with someone else, but going to stick with this one. Not a big fan of his voice the most and forget about his existence most of the time. Another reason is that.....what who am I talking about...
  2. GreenFantasy64

    Resource Vocaloid Tutorials/Guides

    Here's this one: Fruutella Vocaloid Tutorial And Fealow got this to work again: Phonetic Syllable List html * You have to download it than you can see the long list of Phonetics used for English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. It's an old list, but it's still good to use. I used it alot when I...
  3. GreenFantasy64

    Synthesizer V Discussion Thread

    Thanks uncreepy for your hard work! :mikiv4_ani_lili:
  4. GreenFantasy64

    Cryptonloid voicebank updates, collabs, & concert news (crypton_wat Twitter translations)

    I would think so! Oh, that makes it exciting on thinking of what designs iXima would give them all! :ia_ani_lili:
  5. GreenFantasy64

    Suggestion For the Smilies~!

    Thank you~!:mikiv4_ani_lili: