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  1. Ronny777

    I'll make a Vocaloid sing any English song you want. (within reason)

    This is something I do with my friends and family so I thought it would be fun to do here as well. As long as there is a Midi of it available on this site (not sponsored). I'm open to any genre and I'll use any Vocaloid that you want. It's important to note that about 5% of the midis on this...
  2. Ronny777

    3 English Vocaloid5 WIPs (Harder[MIKU]/Woman[MAIKA]/Cure for me[MIKU])

    These are the projects I'm working on at the moment. I'm not sure if I'll complete them but here is a preview.
  3. Ronny777

    Deal With It (feat.Hatsune Miku Eng) WIP (Would like Peer Review, if interested) Ashnikko COVER

    I'm almost done with it I just need some feed back before finalizing it. I just need to finish tuning the harmonics. I tried to replicate the tone of the original song with slight pitch changes that sounded better for Miku's pronunciations. I'm mostly worried about her clarity. I feel like I...
  4. Ronny777

    Trying to make Miku sing "Even higher" from the movie "Creating Rem lazar" (a WIP)

    This is the original here are the lyrics This is what I have so far I'm at a point where I'm satisfied with it enough to share it in this state. I want to improve it and I feel I can't do that without some feedback. I'm trying to make the singing reminiscent of the original and I made the...
  5. Ronny777

    Question about selling 1st generation 1995 Pokemon cards.

    I know it's off topic from vocaloid but I don't know were I could start asking. My relative has a full collection of 1st gem Pokemon cards and They are interested in selling them but we don't know where we should go to find proper sellers and where to have them appraised. I could try Ebay but I...
  6. Ronny777

    SHINKALION 2020 Miku Hatsune Figure Defect?

    Anyone else who owns this figure confused about the hair pegs? They're not even long enough to hold the hair and one of them is not even attached to the base. The hair itself is really heavy so it would need the support. The figure itself is very stable feels high quality but I can see the hair...
  7. Ronny777

    VOCALOID What are your thoughts on Vocaloid covers of english songs?

    Are Vocaloid covers of english songs looked down on or just not very popular? Now I might be completely wrong and everyone will say how popular it is on Youtube, Twitter, or anywhere else, but I don't go anywhere else to be a part of the VOCALOID community. I wondering if there is some sort of...
  8. Ronny777

    I'm trying to authenticate one of my figures.

    Last March I got my hands on this figure: I was told she is a painted 'prototype' of the "Hatsune Miku: Pierretta Modual" which I also bought afterwords: Here they are together: Now the big Question I have: Is she a 'prototype' or a bootleg of the original? It's really weird for me to tell...
  9. Ronny777

    Question (Answered) Anyone know where I could find Gumi english's UPDATE patch?

    I remember a while ago reading on the wiki that Gumi v3 english had an update that fixes the pauses she makes when putting 2 different vowels together. I can't find it anywhere if it even exists at all. If anyone knows anything about it I would really appreciate the help.
  10. Ronny777

    My English Covers, demos and VB Tuning tests.

    I just wanted a place to put all my stuff. I enjoy the process of making VOCALOID covers and seeing/hearing the evolution of a project more than the finished product itself. Because of that tend I tend to feel like my projects are never truly finished. So, I have a ridiculous amount of WIPs (...
  11. Ronny777

    I need someone's opinion. Please and thank you :)

    I really want an honest opinion on my test cover of this song. I know there are some things i can do to make it better but I'm all out of ideas. I'm using vocaloid 5 and miku English.