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  1. mahalisyarifuddin

    SynthV's Tone Shift parameter is actually doing nothing?

    Too bad that I can't try SynthV Studio Pro and full AI databases. So there's this discussion on a Discord server that the Tone Shift parameter is actually doing nothing, in the sense of the falsetto part can still be heard in the falsetto notes even if you set the parameter low. I was like "eh...
  2. mahalisyarifuddin

    The death of CV Series' cliche in voicesynth designs

    Just a late night random thought. I'm first introduced into the Vocaloid world in my junior high school phase. Years and years I only cared about the music people created using the software and the characters, and also tried the software by myself to make covers. Until I entered the Utau rabbit...
  3. mahalisyarifuddin


    Found out this thing named Voicevox, a free-and-open-source text-to-speech software. The interface is so familiar, reminds us to Voiceroid/CeVIO. Currently there are 2 voices: Shikoku Metan and Zundamon. Windows only at the moment. DTM Station's coverage...
  4. mahalisyarifuddin

    Your favorite voicesynth logo(s)?

    Been watching typography contents, and this comes through my mind. Voicesynth peeps! I want to know about what is/are your favorite logo(s) in voicesynth products? Logo design that you find so beautiful/amazing. It could be from any engines: Vocaloid, SynthV, CeVIO, Utau, DeepVocal, you name it!
  5. mahalisyarifuddin

    Other Tohoku Zunko's Neutrino crowdfunding

    Turns out that they will start crowdfunding in late January for Zunko's... Neutrino???
  6. mahalisyarifuddin

    Hatsune Miku Saigo no Tomoshibi by Okame-P

    Also on Niconico.
  7. mahalisyarifuddin

    HowHow Utau / Howne Miku

    Just found something interesting. There's this Taiwanese youtuber by the name of HowFun. He got so many requests from schools to create graduation wishes videos, but due to time constraints, he was unable to film them all. So he came up with a solution: record any possible syllables and some...
  8. mahalisyarifuddin

    Other Neutrino

    So I guess there are no people covering this, and yeah, I made this thread. There's a new, deep-learning-based voice synthesizer called Neutrino. Developed by Shachi, and released freely to the public since yesterday. It's kinda different to use, so you must prepare a MusicXML file to be...
  9. mahalisyarifuddin

    Yamashizuku ft. 10 Vocaloids - "Alice in N.Y."

    Also on Niconico. This song is available on Exit Tunes' compilation album Vocalostream. Well the iconic producer duo just uploaded a new chorus song! (Seems like it's a 'tradition' or something if there's a compilation album, they made a song with 10 Vocaloids in it) This song's story takes...
  10. mahalisyarifuddin

    [KYE] Sekai no Mannaka o Aruku

    So, yeah, this is my very first full Utau cover. Also on SoundCloud and Niconico! Music and lyrics: Natsushiro Takaaki (@_natsushiro_) Illust and video: Hurray Vocal: KYE - CV: WinterdrivE (@Winter_drivE) Woo woo yeiyeiye: Kagamine Rin, IA, Fukase MIDI: AceOfSuites UST, VSQX, Tuning, and...
  11. mahalisyarifuddin

    Growl effect but using V3 banks?

    Is there any way to create some growl effect using V3 voicebanks? Some tricks or job plugins maybe? Because it really makes me think how can V3 banks growl despite they're not compatible with V4 GWL parameter.
  12. mahalisyarifuddin

    VSQ [GUMI English] Tell Me

    I'm really in love with this song and I can't help but covering the song. I also take this opportunity to practice my tuning after a long time wwww Also on Niconico and SoundCloud! VSQx and MIDI is available here! Feel free to use these files (I highly encourage you to alter the file!) as...
  13. mahalisyarifuddin

    Oh hi guys. .w.)/

    (well, this is my very first time in forum site like this. I don't really know the features, but I'll learn about it.) Hi guys, this is mahalisyarifuddin. You could call me Mahali. I'm a fan from Indonesia. I do tuning stuffs! (though my tuning is not that amazing www) You could see them on my...