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  1. Herrscher of the Void

    Rest in peace wowaka. Your music has this...thing that makes it very unique. I hope you can make...

    Rest in peace wowaka. Your music has this...thing that makes it very unique. I hope you can make that thing better in somewhere...
  2. Herrscher of the Void

    VOCALOID Vocaloid producer wowaka passes away at age 31.

    Why are they gone from this word, this young... Rest in peace wowaka, and thank you...Your songs were bangers.
  3. Herrscher of the Void

    Kikuo - Eyes Full of Cracks Student Music Video

    This is really good! Çok güzel olmuş! :mirai_ani_lili:
  4. Herrscher of the Void

    Unpopular Opinions

    I don't exactly know if this is a popular one but it's leaning to it, so I'll say the renders of Ken, Kaori, Chris and Amy aren't bad at all. It gives me Killer7 vibes, which might have a part in my opinion because I love Killer7. Designs? Well, I have this optimistic thought: They look...
  5. Herrscher of the Void


    So... I didn't expect something THIS drastic. I expected a standalone update to V4 like they did with V3->V4. I'm glad Yamaha took their time though, honestly. So many changes though... Adapting to it will be hard. Also Amy, Chris, Kaori and Ken look like they're from Killer7 lol.
  6. Herrscher of the Void

    VOCALOID New VOCALOID5 and VOICEROID2 Library: Haruno Sora

    Is this the same voicebank that was in development before Kizuna Akari? Anyways she has a cute aesthetic going on! Especially her Musketeer attire (❤ω❤) O-ow... (°ロ°) This is me right now:
  7. Herrscher of the Void

    So there's this Youtube Channel named "Lavendertowne". I like her videos very much as she's...

    So there's this Youtube Channel named "Lavendertowne". I like her videos very much as she's informative and her voice is so soft. She actually talks about how you can get noticed , this might help you:
  8. Herrscher of the Void

    How do I hardsub a video?

    Avidemux has the feature to hardsub, though it keeps crashing for me, I suggest you still try it out because this is the easiest hardsub option I've seen in the whole internet so far.
  9. Herrscher of the Void

    Making consonants less prominent

    I don't know If you want to know this in general but If you are asking this for specific Vocaloid(s), maybe you should specify them. (─‿‿─) I think in general lowering the OPE should work to a certain extent, but I don't know If this is a Captain Obvious answer. (─‿‿─;;;)
  10. Herrscher of the Void

    I think It's Kanran:

    I think It's Kanran:
  11. Herrscher of the Void

    Nekomura Iroha Fanclub!

    Me!Me!Me! I'm deeply in love with Iroha...I love how her masculine voice contrasts her feminine appearance, which makes her extra cute! (´• ω •`) ♡ Eurobeat happens to be one of the genres I like so here you go!
  12. Herrscher of the Void

    What's your favorite manga?

    JoJo parts 1-3 might be pretty bland if you're looking for a superb story since it's mostly fights and follows the classic shounen formula which we see everyday as of now, but 4 and beyond get better and better about storytelling in my opinion, comedy gets better too in my opinion Also Hirohiko...
  13. Herrscher of the Void

    A New Challenger Approaches

    Welcome to VocaVerse! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡ I hope you like it here!
  14. Herrscher of the Void

    Anime/manga you dislike?

    In general, I either dislike or hate anime that seperates from novel/manga/game etc. at some point. Unless it closes plotholes or something like that, It's very annoying. Usually worse than the novel/manga/game etc. too. I dislike Neon Genesis Evangelion. Main characters are very dysfunctional...
  15. Herrscher of the Void

    What's your favorite manga?

    JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (─‿‿─) .
  16. Herrscher of the Void

    VOCALOID Upcoming relaunch of Vocaloid Shop

  17. Herrscher of the Void

    VOCALOID What Theoretical Vocaloid, Voicebank, or Append Would You Buy?

    I'd be really interested in a Turkish voicebank, and I don't even like Turkish songs or something. I don't mind If It's an original character or an expansion to someone else. Even though It's my native language, I find it hard to make someone speak in Turkish(In comparison to Japanese -> Engrish...
  18. Herrscher of the Void

    VOCALOID Say something you dislike about your favorite Vocaloid(s)

    I like Iroha's V2 design but It looks super out of character for Iroha which makes me really weird... Miki, in my opinion, is at this point the only Vocaloid AHS sucked at making, which is sad because I really like Miki. Her V4 didn't do a thing either, They just made her V2 voicebank V4...
  19. Herrscher of the Void

    Suggestion A thread for moving threads?

    Title may be confusing, but what I mean is a thread where users report threads that are either in the wrong place, has "drama" going on etc. so Admins and Mods can take necessary action.