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  1. Blue Of Mind

    How much do you listen to vocal synth music?

    This is the first time I've created a poll, so if anything's wrong or isn't working properly, please let me know so I can fix it. ^^; I got kinda curious about how often we listen to vocal synth music on here, since while I listen to it almost every day, I also listen to non-vocal synth stuff...
  2. Blue Of Mind

    The Beauty Thread

    I wanted to post a thread that was a bit more cheerful than coronavirus stuff, and I've noticed and engaged with some of the skincare posts in the profile posts sidebar, so I thought why not create an entire beauty thread? This can be about anything to do with makeup, skincare, hair products...
  3. Blue Of Mind

    Anime/manga you stopped watching/reading

    I had a thread a bit similar to this back when VO was still alive, but I didn't think to recreate it on here until now. Plus the Anime & Manga subforum is pretty dead, so I thought I'd try to revive it. I've spoilered the stuff I've dropped, since I got a bit concerned my lists might get too...
  4. Blue Of Mind

    Issue Embedded videos on here are causing my sound card to die?

    I'm not sure if this is a site issue only myself is experiencing, or if it's actually a hardware issure I need to manually figure out, but this has happened to me twice now on here and it's really bugging me. Around a couple of weeks ago, my sound card crapped out after watching an embedded...
  5. Blue Of Mind

    Anyone here go to concerts?

    I was caught in a real life discussion about gigs last weekend, so I thought I'd post a thread about it on here. Admittedly, I haven't been to many concerts in my lifetime, but I have enjoyed the ones I've been to so far. My first gig was Weird Al Yankovic followed by Kraftwerk and ABC. The...
  6. Blue Of Mind

    What non-anime shows are you watching/planning to watch?

    We already have a thread about what anime everyone is watching, so why not a separate thread about non-anime shows? Both live-action shows and cartoons are fine for this thread. I've just finished watching Disenchantment. Damn, that cliffhanger's gonna annoy me until it comes back. X)
  7. Blue Of Mind

    Magical Girl anime/manga

    Originally, I was going to make a thread about Sailor Moon in particular, but I thought a general magical girl thread would be better since VV didn't have one yet. Anyhow, some of my favourite magical girl shows are: Sailor Moon Cardcaptor Sakura Puella Magi Madoka Magica Full Moon O Sagashite...
  8. Blue Of Mind

    Anime/manga you dislike?

    We have threads on here about anime and manga we like, but what about the ones we hate? To give some quick personal examples - I've never liked Axis Powers Hetalia, mainly because I didn't find it funny as a parodic depiction of history. Plus, the fandom used to be obnoxious and awful back in...
  9. Blue Of Mind

    Who are your favourite musicians?

    Didn't spot a specific non-Vocaloid music subforum, so I decided to post this thread here. Anyhow, since many of us here enjoy music outside of the Vocaloid scene, I was curious to see who everyone's favourite artists and/or bands were. I've spoilered my list since it turned into a top ten...
  10. Blue Of Mind

    Refugee from VocaloidOtaku

    Some people who used to be on VO might recognise my username. To those who don't, my name is Blue Of Mind (named after an obscure Miku song) and I'm actually an old lady by Vocaloid fandom standards because I've been a fan since 2008. Back when I was a little kid, I accidentally discovered...