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  1. Herrscher of the Void

    Suggestion A thread for moving threads?

    Title may be confusing, but what I mean is a thread where users report threads that are either in the wrong place, has "drama" going on etc. so Admins and Mods can take necessary action.
  2. Herrscher of the Void

    Fire Emblem Heroes

    Fire Emblem Heroes is a "Gacha" game that's based on Fire Emblem series. It has It's own original characters, but It also characters from every Fire Emblem game and the story is kind of about that. More info on the official site. --- It's the best gacha game I've ever played to this day to be...
  3. Herrscher of the Void

    What's your favorite Touhou Fangame?

    Touhou has games but what's more, Touhou has even more fangames! (☆▽☆) My favourite ones are: Koumajou Densetsu series: It's just quality all over! If you like "Vania" games, I'd say give It a shot! (─‿‿─) Shoot Shoot Nitori series: It's a horizontal shoot-em-up that's very unique with It's...
  4. Herrscher of the Void

    What's your favorite Touhou music?

    Pretty hard since ZUN is such a good musician. I like almost all of them. The ones I don't like aren't hate, but "good". I'll sound like I live in 2000's but I really like "U.N Owen was her?". Whatever "soundfont" he used for Imperishable Night... it feels like I sold all of me to hear those...
  5. Herrscher of the Void

    What's your favorite Touhou game?

    Mine is the eleventh Touhou game, Subterranean Animism. It's been 9-10 years since then, yet It's vibe still feels different from all of the Touhou games.It has unique characters also! (─‿‿─)
  6. Herrscher of the Void

    Highway to Hell-o!

    Please excuse the pun in the title, I just didn't want to make the title bland :sneaky: I'm Iris(my real name is İpek(pronounced as E-pack with the K being kind of silent)). I was also at VocaloidOtaku with the same name but I wasn't popular or a talker for that matter. :whistle: I'm nineteen...