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    [Synth V SOLARIA] Kiara's Lonely Floating Vomit Pile

    This is my second submission for the SOLARIA anniversary crowdfunding original song contest. It's based on an incident that happened to Hololive EN Takanashi Kiara where she describes throwing up in the ocean on her recent vacation in the Maldives.
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    [Synth V Qing Su and Koharu Rikka] Mei You Ru Guo (a Fish Leong cover)

    I actually did this cover first using Eleanor Forte AI, but I was not happy about the mix levels the day afterward. I really should follow my rule about not checking the mix until the next day to let my ears rest first. Anyway, it bothered me to the point where I wanted to fix it, and if I was...
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    【Koharu Rikka AI】 Grand Escape by Radwimps (Synth V cover)

    I really loved the movies Your Name and Weathering With You, especially the soundtracks by Radwimps, so I wanted to tackle one of the songs. I'm also using Saki AI Lite and Yamine Renri for the background vocals. Originally, I wanted to use Vocaloid 5 Ken for the background vocal, but at this...
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    [Tsurumaki Maki AI English] We Are The People - Martin Garrix (cover song)

    Now that we have the full version of Maki, I wanted to do something immediately with her and someone had suggested We Are The People. The full version of the voicebank is noticeably better than the lite version. There is a warmth and fullness to them compared to the raspiness of the lite...
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    【Synth V Tsurumaki Maki English AI lite】 Last Girl (cover of song by Soccer Mommy)

    I've pre-ordered Tsurumaki Maki, but I feel the need to do something until it's available this Friday!
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    [Synth V Original with Koharu Rikka AI] Suru Shika Nai (する しか ない)

    Using Rikka to sing in (mostly English). Just waiting for Tsurumaki Maki to come out!
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    [Hatsune Miku V4 English] I So Pale [Original Vocaloid Song]

    The original idea was inspired by that viral YouTube video of that weather girl saying "I so pale" when she didn't realize she was on the air. Hatsune Miku V4 English sings lead with Amy on backing vocals. I So Pale Hey, look! Another bill I guess I'll add it to my growing hill No need to...
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    【Saki AI Lite】 Haru no Tonari - Yuru Camp Season 3 End Song 【Synthesizer V Studio Basic Cover】

    I love the Yuru Camp (Laid-Back Camp) anime--the music is really great, especially the season 2 ending song by Sasaki Eri, so I wanted to make a cover of it. I'm using Saki AI Lite in SynthV Studio Basic editor. I've turned on Auto Pitch Tuning for this to see what it can do.
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    【Hatsune Miku V4 English】 Dirt Spoon Girl [Original Vocaloid Song]

    It took a while, but I finally bought Miku V4 English. I didn't see the upside of expanding to NT, so I stuck with the Vocaloid family. As much as I love Megpoid English V3, the V4 voicebanks are better with more clarity and articulation, even though Miku has a thicker accent than Gumi. Amy...
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    【Gumi and Amy】 I'm the Girl Who Crapped in Your Car (original song)

    Song based on an old viral Craigslist post that was titled, "To the Girl Who Crapped in My Car." I originally wrote it back in 2009 but I updated it to change the perspective to that of the girl so Gumi could sing it.
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    [Mo Qingxian cover] Love You More and More - Fahrenheit

    Song: Love You More and More Artist: Fahrenheit Vocaloid: Mo Qingxian Arranged by Anomie Train
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    [The Wisely Brothers - Maple Canada] Cover using Kaori (with Avanna and Gumi)

    I don't normally do covers, but I've done a few now just to take a break from writing my own stuff. It's actually quite liberating! Maple Canada by The Wisely Brothers is a great tune from a trio from Japan--the lead singer, Haruko Madachi, has a very distinctive voice--kind of breathy and...
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    [Vocaloid Original] Up-Hill (feat. GUMI English with Amy and Avanna)

    I redid a song I wrote in 2004. Gumi sings the lead while Amy and Avanna sing harmony.