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  1. WyndReed

    Utau-synth expiration?

    My friend just started using Utau on mac and says that there's a message about a license or something and a countdown whenever she opens the program. I've heard about this issue a while ago, but I don't remember much.(I use windows Utau) I was wondering what the deal was and if there was any...
  2. WyndReed

    Wynd's covers

    This is a place for my covers. Be warned, I'm not great at mixing. I try my best though. My first cover in three years. I covered Gossip by OSTER Project with Merli.
  3. WyndReed

    Clyp to switch to fully paid platform effective 12/5

    Copied from email:
  4. WyndReed

    Having to reset my computer and realized I don’t have installers for my vocaloids in storage

    Feel free to move this thread if its in the wrong place. Due to some issues I’ve had recently with Utau I decided it would be safer to reset or refresh my computer rather than continue to troubleshoot when it seems the issue is not something I can fix. I was making plans and ran into an issue...
  5. WyndReed

    Failed to generate wav file error

    I started to get this error while working with utau today. I thought it was just that file so I used a new file with midi. Still got the same error. I tried rendering an older file that had moresampler set and cached files with no problem. I tried a new file with a few notes, default wavtool...
  6. WyndReed

    Looking for Utau voicebanks for a medley cover

    I’m doing a cover of this Love Live medley and am looking for Utau voicebanks to use. The only requirements I have are that the voicebanks are VCV or CVVC. Thanks if you can help me out! Edit: Here is a twitter link.(If you want to retweet it. I’d really appreciate it.)
  7. WyndReed

    V4 Piapro - How to make a vocaloid sound less tense?

    I’ve been playing around with tuning in Piapro V4 and I wanted to make Merli sound less tense, but haven’t been able to. Is there a way to do this?
  8. WyndReed

    Um hello...

    Hello, I'm Wynd. I like Idols and vocal synths. I mainly use Utau, but I own a few Vocaloids. Umm I'm not sure what else to say, so yeah.