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  1. aru ii


    So this thing appeared Sony announced a browser based vsynth with a subscription module and that run’s on voisona
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    Other SymphOneme Discussion thread

    So, this synth has appeared
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    CeVIO CeVIO AI Coko

    Kamitsubaki announced Coko, voiced by Koko for Cevio ai
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    SynthV Feng Yi: New Chinese female voicebank for SynthesizerV

    Yeah, another saki-like vb
  5. aru ii

    Aru’s VSynth Covers and Wips

    This is not even a cover, just a little thing I did with Sekai in around an hour
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    Other GejiGeji (歌叽歌叽) Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the Gejieji (歌叽歌叽) Discussion Thread GejiGeji (歌叽歌叽) is a new Chinese AI vocal synth that is available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. It released around January, and so far not many people know about it. It has a lot of unique features to it, such us: being able to share your...
  7. aru ii

    SynthV Mo Chen: New Chinese male voicebank for Synthesizer V

    Drematonics had announced their Chinese male letter. The codename is MAN-M2, and there will be a name contest for him similar to qinsu's contest
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    :tianyi_ani_lili:Welcome to Luo Tinayi Fanclub!:tianyi_ani_lili: Here you can talk about anything regarding Tianyi's voicebanks and her character! If you want to join, than please show us an original song, cover or a fanart of Tianyi that you like ❀❀❀ Luo Tianyi is the first ever Mandarin...
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    Resource Updated Vocal Synth List (Under Comstruction)

    This thread is an update to this inactive thread Resource - VocalSynth List . The thread is inactive, and would have to go through heavy reconstructing, so I thought it will be easier to create a new onwe Only Vocal Synths are listed in this thread. TTS, exvoice and other are not being listed...
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    Other Kanna’s UTAU vbs for Studio-S Characters

    A user named Kanna on SoundCloud and Twitter is developing VCV UTAU voicebanks for Studio S's character's Acme Iku and Himekishi Riyona in affiliation with Studio S themselves! The voicebanks are made from the lite versions of MAIDLOID/ KNIGHTROID software Iku was released today, while Riyona is...
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    Hello. I have deen here for quite some time now (since february), but I really wanted to make an introduction, but never felt it was the right time. You can call me Aru. I am really new in the fandom (about a year and a half) I like to draw and use vocal synths, but I don't have a yt channel or...
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    Aru's art thread thing?

    I will post art here sometimes. Critique is welcomed, but please don't be too mean to me, I am still not very good qwq
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    Other Anime & Manga characters that look like Vocal Synths (or the other way around)

    Here you can post Anime/Manga characters that look like Vocal Synth characters. I will start. Sakura from Toilet Bound Hanako Kun looks a lot like Gumi
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    Other ACE Virtual Singer Discussion Thread

    Welcome to the ACE Virtual Singer (ACE虚拟歌姬) Discussion Thread! ACE Virtual Singer (ACE虚拟歌姬) is a mobile vocal synthesizer from China. ACE has sample bases and AI vbs. The AI voices actually sound very good, and overall the app is worth trying. The app is available for Android and iOS and ACE...