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  1. morrysillusion

    flower Tetra ft. flower "Invadery"

  2. morrysillusion

    flower Nilfruits ft. flower "YOMI"

  3. morrysillusion

    flower Chinozo ft. flower "Halloweenya"

  4. morrysillusion

    koyori ft. RIME "相対感覚丑ノ刻"

  5. morrysillusion

    Questions about using ACE?

    i dont want to fill the ACE thread with my questions alone so i am making a thread to ask a little more. I have a few questions about how the new ACE studio works and if theres some kind of english guide i'd love to see it, im just having trouble finding answers through google and whatnot... 1)...
  6. morrysillusion

    flower ¿? ft. flower "ルシファー"

  7. morrysillusion

    Commission SEEKING to commission for duet midi for song cover

    this is a pretty simple request i want to fill. just looking for someone who is currently open for midi melody commissions so i can cover a specifc song. i am just not good at doing it by ear, and due to it being a duet with overlapping vocals, i cant get the pitch data the way i have before...