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  1. Twillby

    niki ft. SEKAI - 侵蝕

  2. Twillby

    Kay Kamio ft. Kasane Teto - APRIL TALE

    I was actually looking for new Iroha songs but this showed up in the recommendations and I thought it was cute
  3. Twillby

    Unity-Chan! Sarada (陰陽P) feat.Unity-chan - 猫も人の手を借りたい

    What can I say, I see a Vocaloid song about cats, I most likely will like it especially if it features a lot of "nya"'s (There's technically an official English title, "I want to borrow a human`s hand the cat too," which while I'm no expert I don't think it conveys what the original title was...
  4. Twillby

    MATCHA やさおとこP(YasaotokoP) ft. MATCHA - ideal way

    Honestly I was just browsing through the Music Release forums and decided to try to find something for a loid that didn't have much/anything posted in here (I really do like this though)
  5. Twillby

    瑞安Ryan ft. Cangqiong - Love Can Fly (Tia Ray/Chang Shilei) cover

    (Bilibili link just in case VocaDB embed doesn't want to work) Google can you love a cover too much I am just at this
  6. Twillby

    Megurine Luka UsadaP ft. Megurine Luka V4X ENG - Pink Love

  7. Twillby

    Lily kalic ft. Lily - ALIVE

  8. Twillby

    (Cover) KazukoP/Andrés ft. ONE and Iori Yuzuru - Fireworks (DAOKO/Kenshi Yonezu)

    I thought the pairing was interesting even if I'm honestly a little ambivalent about Yuzuru singing in general (for some reason I feel like it doesn't usually work quite as well with him compared to other Voiceroids? I don't know, maybe I'm imagining it)
  9. Twillby

    Kasamura Tōta ft Iroha and Kaito - 小説 夏と罰 (上)

    I found this because Kyounosuke posted it on Twitter so I knew it had to be good XP
  10. Twillby

    IA samfree ft. IA - Mind Voice

    English translation on Vocaloid Lyrics wiki (they're on the Nico video if your language is set to English on the site it seems? But I figured I'd post a link anyway) I was thinking about posting this in the "Song that made you love certain Vocaloid?" thread but then I got into this intense...
  11. Twillby

    TenshiAkari12 ft. IA English (w/ ONE) - Be Myself

    (Edit: I somehow totally forgot/overlooked ONE was in this too before I posted it in solo section OTL Does backing count as a duet?)
  12. Twillby

    nostraightanswer ft Scribble-chan - Voiceless

    I'm not 100% sure why I felt like sharing this now but it's cute so WHY NOT There's also a copy on Lupin's actual channel but the above version has the whole PV
  13. Twillby

    Lily niki ft. Lily - Hearts

  14. Twillby

    CUL アイ$コン ft. CUL - I'm Such an Idiot

    A song about Sayaka Miki sung by Sayaka Miki('s voice twin)!
  15. Twillby

    Ruby MarvyanakaP ft. Ruby - Sunshine!

    Flashing lights warning It’s so fluFFY