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  1. aru ii

    Other Upcoming AI singing synthesizer "AmadeuSY" (Originally: Voicing)

    there's a guide on the website https://airesearcher113.wixsite.com/amadeusy/services-4
  2. aru ii

    SynthV English SynthV AI ANRI

    I know leshy-p, he’s just joking
  3. aru ii

    Crying rn

    Crying rn
  4. aru ii

    SynthV English SynthV AI ANRI

    Appear tou there also seemed to be a project named Rei voiced by xuu, that never got into production https://x.com/uchuuzentai/status/1708488037812883750?s=20 And same situation with tiger, who was probably voiced by the Tyler guy? All seems to be quite messy as of now hehe...
  5. aru ii

    SynthV English SynthV AI ANRI

    So this’s going on on twitter rn, but I’d guess y’all already heard about it https://x.com/tigermeat_/status/1708289216692514929?s=20
  6. aru ii

    VOICEVOX News and Discussion Thread

    Aieru-tan (yeah, that’s how it’s romanised) demo. Also the voicevox update is on October 6th https://x.com/iloop_sapporo/status/1707294395794677853?s=20
  7. aru ii

    VOICEVOX News and Discussion Thread

    Maron and Benizakura demos, will release on October 6 https://x.com/AIVOICE_PR/status/1706549163658244539?s=20
  8. aru ii

    VOICEVOX News and Discussion Thread

    Manbetsu Hanamaru is announced for VOICEVOX and UTAU https://x.com/voicevox_pj/status/1705356009886335464?s=20 https://x.com/hanamaru_voice/status/1705568792297033833?s=20 https://100hanamaru.wixsite.com/manbetsu-hanamaru/utau
  9. aru ii

    VOCALOID Vocaloid ß-Studio

    Very unpopular oppinion but stuff like rvc/sovits/diff svc vs engines that require otoing/labeling (utau, vocalsharp, nnsvs etc) is giving ai generations vs real art to me. All those voice converters may sound realistic and all, and have a wow effect upon first time hearing them, but they...
  10. aru ii

    Other VOX Factory: A New Korean AI Vocal Synth by AudAI

    The Vox Factory update is out! And they indeed get new arts that look so good
  11. aru ii

    VOICEVOX News and Discussion Thread

    IL-tan’s voicevox design sketch. There are 2 different outfits so I’m guessing she may have an append on release? https://x.com/iloop_sapporo/status/1705146474751983823?s=20
  12. aru ii

    VOCALOID Vocaloid ß-Studio

    Aaaaa the all sound and look so good, can’t wait for them to get released
  13. aru ii

    CoeFont STUDIO

    It looks like Ailis is now an official voice for Coefont? Since the Coefont yt account posted that demo, not Izumo’s account
  14. aru ii

    VOCALOID Vocaloid ß-Studio

    OMG LOVE HER. Kanade Kanon is daughter now Also And Uge was also revealed as one of the characters and already got a demo looks like Ci Chan is confirmed to be the 3rd character, and her demo premieres tomorrow EDIT: Tsumigi was also confirmed, and in the replies to this tweet there are...
  15. aru ii

    Other ACE Virtual Singer Discussion Thread

    It looks like the new Juxer characters are Tomene Rokka and Kopane Trine, who already have vbs on Utau. https://x.com/0_tomea/status/1704473797024485886?s=20
  16. aru ii

    Other VOX Factory: A New Korean AI Vocal Synth by AudAI

    On September 22d Lica, the first English voice will release. There also will be a couple of announcements: Vocal character illustrations English lyrics support for all the characters And more
  17. aru ii

    VOCALOID Vsinger voicebank updates

    No, they’re still sold on the Vocaloid store
  18. aru ii

    SynthV Oscar for Synthesizer V from Voicemith

    The crowdfunding ended. He didn’t reach the second goal
  19. aru ii

    Other AISingers by DSound

    Yin Xue released! https://www.aisingers.com/ai/singer/yinxue/
  20. aru ii


    Another haru demo + a promo trailer thing