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  1. BenHo

    What's your favorite Vocaloid PV(s)?

    I love the PV for Streaming Heart. Not only does it have a great aesthetic to fit with a good song, but it uses Miku in a really clever way. Since she's singing about the mutual realization that the relationship is destroying itself, they had her play the role of some kind of omnipotent chaos...
  2. BenHo

    General Discussion Thread

    damn, but that art in that advert is really nice though.
  3. BenHo

    3D Vocaloid models by the uncreepy twins

    Yes please, I approve.
  4. BenHo

    Vocaloid merchandise news

    I still really love that figure. The face is really well sculpted and cute, the hair has that cool transparency gradient that's all the rage these days... I just love it a lot it's really cute.
  5. BenHo

    General Project Diva Discussion

    Damn I really like that module.
  6. BenHo

    Does anyone have the source to this picture?

    Both are really cute pictures. I wish they were slightly higher res, but they can probably be waifu2x'd.
  7. BenHo

    Vocaloid 2019 Predictions

    God, I hope all these predictions about Utau getting updated are correct but ..... The only real prediction I have is that a lot of noise will be made about possible/potential Engloids but drama will happen and they'll never get released.
  8. BenHo

    Bandai Namco shows off real time animation system with Mirai Komachi

    Yeah, the cartwheel is the only part where there's any noticeable issues, which is pretty impressive considering that mocap usually has way more issues (even when it's NOT real-time). I'll have to keep my eye on banacast to see what they come up with in the future.
  9. BenHo

    Question about Rin & Len Act 1

    Ah, my mistake. I didn't realize those instances of Miku were using her new bank. (Then again, since Miku Append has existed since the V2 era, I'm used to Miku sounding a lot of different ways and just kind of accept it)
  10. BenHo

    Question about Rin & Len Act 1

    From what's been tweeted, the updates seem to be for the new V5 engine but are meant to replicate the sound of the original voicebanks, albeit with the necessary improvements to make them compatible with the new engine (ie: additional phonemes and transitional samples). That being said, we still...
  11. BenHo

    Question about Rin & Len Act 1

    The extraction was more of a one-way thing, as Vocaloid voicebanks aren't open source. While people were able to find a way to detect and rip the audio files the banks use for samples, reverse engineering it to insert new samples would take a LOT more hacking. But like uncreepy said, according...
  12. BenHo

    Cryptonloid voicebank updates, collabs, & concert news (crypton_wat Twitter translations)

    I'm confused. Does this imply that they're moving the Cryptonloids to a different, non-Vocaloid engine?
  13. BenHo

    New singing synthesis demo from CeVIO developer Techno-Speech

    Jesus, that is quite the difference. given that this fixes the one real issue people have had with Cevio, I think this would greatly increase the number of people who use the software when it gets fully implemented.
  14. BenHo

    Question about Rin & Len Act 1

    I know that at one point there was information floating around the fandom about ways to extract the samples from a voicebank. (this is how we learned that one of Sonika's samples contains skype noises outside of the part of the sample heard in the Vocaloid editor) if someone were too try that on...
  15. BenHo

    Holiday Sale on Blue Nessie USB Microphone

    I have a question about how it compares to the snowball. Is there any reason to buy the Nessie if you already have the Snowball?
  16. BenHo

    Teddyloid, Giga & Reol's new song

    I wasn't expecting to see TeddyLoid collaborating not only with Reol but also Giga. maybe he's done it before, but I don't remember him collaborating with producers before. Either way, it's a great song and I love the aesthetic of the MV.
  17. BenHo

    Synthesizer V Discussion Thread

    I'm actually a little bummed by the reveal of SynthV-Renri as it seems to confirm that SynthV WILL NOT be the follow up to Utau I was hoping it would be.
  18. BenHo

    Unpopular Opinions

    dude, that looks so much more awesome.
  19. BenHo

    Dude marries Miku

    @ZAR-PARTY She is a piece of software specifically made for creative expression. Of course everyone, even people who don't use her to make music themselves, are going to see her as having many different interpretations when every popular song portrays her differently. Hell, even songs from the...