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  1. Kona

    Interviewing Vocaloid Fans

    Hello, I’d be happy to talk with you! I’m a producer who regularly features Vocaloid vocals in songs, and I've also been active and involved in the community for many years.
  2. Kona

    Kona ft. Avanna - Remember

    Thank you both! I was very proud of the piano chord progression on this one, so I’m glad it was a hit!
  3. Kona

    Deep-learning-based CeVIO further in development

    it is really interesting, but at thr least there will still be an option for 32-bit users to keep using CS6. I think it’ll be nice to have CS7 as 64-bit, maybe that would lead to a Mac version someday as well? Seeing as since the newest MacOS update, Apple no longer would support 32-bit. That’s...
  4. Kona

    Question What to do about music lessons?

    i think firstly, you need to get away from that teacher. It’s really ruining how you think and you deserve to be treated better. i think maybe take a break, try learning guitar on your own without the stress of a class. Try to just learn to play than focus on the theory for it right now. Mqybe...
  5. Kona

    Kona ft. Avanna - Remember

    My new song and the full reveal of my song series is finally here! I've worked on and off on this song since September, and I finished it a couple weeks ago with just a few minor things to do and now it's here. This song is made to be extremely similar to Restrained in feel, sound, and even...
  6. Kona

    Who would You Like to Voice a Synth?

    I agree with a big American singer! There are a lot of interesting voices out there that’d be nice to see. Personally, I would love to see a voice like Shakira voice a Vocaloid, not only because she’s one of my favorite artists. She just has such a distinct tone, not to mention her language...
  7. Kona

    How to make your own Amidoll - English translation?

    I don’t know much about Amigurumi dolls, but I know @Robyn Is A Ninja makes some! She may be able to give some goood tips on getting started with making them. if you just want to buy one, try searching Etsy. I have seen a lot of Amigurumi commissions on there in the past, so I’m sure you couls...
  8. Kona

    Late Nights with the Konasaur (AKA Kona's Journal)

    Well has been a while since I have written a journal...or even been online much aside my Twitter, so I figured I should finally write one since I have some time right now on this late night! MUSIC I am working hard on a lot of new music right now! I am being extremely...
  9. Kona

    Voiceroid English is under development

    Oh, English Zunko?? I’m really excited for this, and future English Voiceroids!! I’ve always wanted Voiceroid but not knowing Japanese made it seem like a not worth it purchase for me
  10. Kona

    Where to find English User Word Dictionaries?

    Usually, Vocaloids that have custom dicgionaries just come with them, like Gumi Eng and Cyber Diva. I don’t know if anyone has made one for Oliver, you’d have to either make your own or do some extreme digging to try finding one.
  11. Kona

    Kona ft. Megurine Luka - In Our Dreams (Vocaloid Original)

    I have officially uploaded In Our Dreams to Bandcamp! Get it here! I was going to hold out on this for something, but I decided to use In Our Dreans as a pilot test for having my songs commercial rather than just free downloads, which is something I want to lean toward more in the future. I...
  12. Kona

    Using Piapro Studio Without a Crypton Vocaloid

    Piapro does not work without an eligible Crypton Vocaloid installed, I have tested this with my own. Piapro checks for the Crypton VBs that include Piapro and if they are not there, it will give an error message and not open. This also happens after 14 days of not activating the VBs. it’s...
  13. Kona

    So I'm trying out Nana V4 English trial....

    When I think of stuff her voice could fit in, these are some songs that come to mind: desync by corasundae Dream by Circus Sweet Orange by 49star Any LamazeP song
  14. Kona

    So I'm trying out Nana V4 English trial....

    I love those samples! There’s never enough samples of Nana English and I really like her but never have the samples to really get into her a lot. maybe I should try her trial too sometime...I have wanted to get her anyway
  15. Kona

    Why did you buy the vocaloids you have?

    Ah, I unintentionally started this but, please make sure the thread stays on topic! You can discuss this in a new thread or in PMs! //To answer though, I know a lot of people weren't into her because she was “another generic cute vocal that sohnded like Rin and had a bad design”. Ivremember...
  16. Kona

    Why did you buy the vocaloids you have?

    If I’m completely honest, most of the Vocaloids I own are just having liked their voices or wanted the update. The ones that were special to me, however: Lil V3: My first Vocaloid. I struggled a lot deciding my first Vocaloid and I finally opted to get Lily because I loved her voice and not...
  17. Kona

    Megurine Luka Anamanaguchi feat. Luka - Lorem Ipsum

    I really like this song! Happy to see Anamanaguchi using more Vocaloids. I got into them thanks to Miku Expo so I love seeing them using Luka now
  18. Kona

    You have to be 180 years old to have this Kizuna Ai plushie

    I had no idea Amazon actually didn’t let you buy things if you weren’t in the age range! Looks like no one will get their hands on this legendary plush, it’s like a trophy if you manage to live that long
  19. Kona

    Favorite CeVIO voicebank?

    Definitely IA English, with Minato close behind. I love IA a lot, and I really love how her English turned out, and Minato is one of my favorite voice types for a male vocal
  20. Kona

    Question V5 vocal fry-- how did they do it?

    It could just be an effect. Something similar to how Growl was produced on V4 voicebanks, even on ones that, from a more logical standpoint, shouldn’t be able to growl with their tone (the softer/whispery VBs, since it’s just...contradicting in technique). Vocal fry though, is a lot easier to...