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  1. Mika

    inabakumori - NON-USE (Kaai Yuki and Hatsune Miku)

    A very sad song by inabakumori, like always. But this time with Yuki and Miku!
  2. Mika

    MEIKA Hime & Mikoto Fanclub

    Extra Voice Material Download (Amazon.jp) [/SPOILER] Demo Songs: Featured Fanart:
  3. Mika

    Mika's Journal

    No better time to start a journal than in Christmas time :'D I'm still so happy about the presents I got, especially the ones from my boyfriend. I swear, he is the best person in the world. As some context, I've been in the fandom since 2008. Right from Gumis release she turned into my favorite...
  4. Mika

    Megpoid Creep-P ft. Gumi English - Something Changed

    Song by Creep-P Art by Minka [https://twitter.com/inkukuku] (me!) Tuning by GHOST & Creep-P [https://twitter.com/GHOST_AND_PALS] Video by Kenta & Creep-P [https://twitter.com/kenmato] AU by Killer The Cat [https://www.reddit.com/user/Killer_Th...]
  5. Mika

    Does anyone here have Mayu merch?

    Hey guys! I really want to make a Mayu itabag but uhhh as you may or may not know the only official Mayu merch that exists is the stuff that was randomly included in the first press of some albums and in her voicebank. Does anyone of you have any of those straps or badges that you maybe don't...
  6. Mika

    【Yumemi Nemu】Cagayake! GIRLS【VOCALOIDカバー】

    I just.. watched some videos about K-On! the last days and got nostalgic ahha. Yeah. :nemu_lili: Funfact: This song came out exactly on my 11th birthday. It's been so long aahh.. Additional info and credits in the soundcloud description.
  7. Mika

    シャリューゲ (Chatlüge)/ *Luna feat.Otomachi Una & Rana

    New Song by Luna! Una and Rana always sound good together in her songs. Edit: Luna changed the Title from Chatrüge to Chatlüge, which now makes it translatable to "chat lie"
  8. Mika

    Voice types that you want

    Are there any voice types that you really want or that you think are missing? It's okay to mention ones that we already have but maybe there are japanese ones that are like what you want but you want an english vocaloid with that voice type and so on. You can also put examples of real singers...
  9. Mika

    【v4 Flower】Outer Science【VOCALOID cover】

    This is actually already 3 years old but I never got any comment or critique so I still don't know if there are parts that sound bad and how to make them better. I am proud of the part from 1:28 to 1:58. I think I got her to sound pretty realistic there but I don't know if others feel the same...
  10. Mika

    MAYU Fanclub

  11. Mika

    Hi everyone!

    I already posted a few things but I totally forgot to make an introduction. Hi everyone! I'm Mika, 20 years old and I've been listening to Vocaloid for 10 years now. It's a huge part of my life and there is nothing else I have been a fan of for so long. I've bought tickets for Miku Expo in...
  12. Mika

    Mika's Pixel Dolls and Drawings

    Hi everyone! I'm going to share my pixel art and drawings here. Because the Pixel Dolls are quite big I will put most of them in a spoiler. I hope you all enjoy my art :) If you want to see my stuff right when I finish it, you can follow me on twitter.