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  1. MystSaphyr

    Resource Myst's UST & Off-Vocal Collection

    MystSaphyr submitted a new resource: Myst's UST & Off-Vocal Collection - All UST and instrumental files I've made available for download, both cover and original. Read more about this resource...
  2. MystSaphyr

    Myst's VOCALOID Works

    Guess I should start posting my VOCALOID stuff here :U Gonna start with my latest cover, using the Mobile VOCALOID Editor! Hard to believe I used to dislike/be indifferent towards IA for the most part. She's really grown on me.
  3. MystSaphyr

    【UTAU Original】Retrospectre【Defoko】

    It's honestly been a little while since I've posted my own works to a forum community, but I think it's time I get back to that. I wrote this song earlier this year as part of "Decagon", a mini-album some friends and I put together for UTAU's 10th anniversary!
  4. MystSaphyr

    [EDITED] My off-vocal wav won't play in Mobile VOCALOID Editor?

    I recently bought the Mobile VOCALOID Editor for my iPad Pro, and whenever I attempt to import an off-vocal wav file to the "Stereo" track, the waveform shows up in the track but no sound at all comes out. I've checked the mixer and the track isn't muted, I even tried soloing it. And it still...
  5. MystSaphyr

    Resource Japanese Locale Guide for UTAU

    MystSaphyr submitted a new resource: Japanese Locale Guide for UTAU - Info and FAQs about changing your PC's locale to Japanese to use UTAU, OREMO and more. Read more about this resource...
  6. MystSaphyr


    Been waiting for this forum for a while! I'm Myst, I voiced the UTAU Kikyuune Aiko and I sometimes produce original music with UTAU and Vocaloid under Studio VOXYZ on YouTube. Nice to meet everyone!