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  1. Vegetaljuce

    Strange glitched display on Vocalistener v4

    So, I recently purchased a used copy of vocalistener. Everything works, technically, but due to the strange display issues I feel like I'm flying half-blind. The issue shows itself most upon scrolling, where the elements on the screen seem to stamp over themselves indefinitely. The only way to...
  2. Vegetaljuce

    Cover & MUSIC VIDEO of Raujika (Gumi V4)

    Fun fact: I started working on this all the way back in 2016. All tuning & art is by me. If you liked it, I'd really appreciate it if you gave it a like (& comment if you feel like doing charity) because I worked for several years on it and your engagement would really help me in my losing...
  3. Vegetaljuce

    All Star by Smash Mouth (Gumi English cover)

    figured i'd post this here since i almost died making it vsqx: me video edit: also me
  4. Vegetaljuce

    Question V5 vocal fry-- how did they do it?

    Ever since Vocaloid5 came out, I've been wondering how they achieved the vocal fry effect. Before the release of V5, I assumed that the only way to achieve a convincing vocal fry was to record actual fry samples from the voice provider and work them into a voicebank through something similar to...
  5. Vegetaljuce

    VSQ is off-key in both V2 & V4 but PIT is at zero (+VSQ)

    Hi all. Let me start off by saying I've been a Vocaloid user for over 3 years, and have never run into a problem like this before. I'm completely lost as to what could possibly be happening. Here is a run-down of the issue: I make a midi file in cubase that goes along with the vocals of a song...
  6. Vegetaljuce

    How to get rid of expired demos?

    A while ago I had downloaded some demos for a few voicebanks I was considering getting. In the end I didn't wind up buying any of them, and my demos expired, which would be all well and good if it weren't for this annoying ass pop up that comes up in my face every time I open the (v4) editor. I...