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  1. Overcast Immortal

    Unpopular Opinions

    As far as I can tell, there is a strong correlation between detailed, creative character designs and financial success along with popularity in this market. Blank or dull canvases don't bode well for sales even if the product can produce excellent results. If Yohioloid had a more interesting...
  2. Overcast Immortal

    Unpopular Opinions

    I also think Yohioloid has a dull and uninteresting design, plus an awkward and uninspired name. I think the name and design are quite bottom-of-the-barrel in terms of creativity and expressiveness despite being well drawn. Like you said, it's just anime Yohio. Not only that, it's anime Yohio...
  3. Overcast Immortal

    Unpopular Opinions

    I think Luka V4X is fantastic and a worthy followup to Luka V2, and I also think Luka V2 is great. :luka_lili:
  4. Overcast Immortal

    Vocaloid Original: Filth Demo ft. Dex & Daina

    Thanks for your suggestion. I think the lead vocals in particular could use more melodic variation. They could also bring in more harmonic and rhythmic variety without changing the genre. If I gave the lead guitar and bass more variation it would be closer to post-metal than drone metal, and I...
  5. Overcast Immortal

    Best Vocal Synth software for beginner/Easiest Vocal Synth software to use now?

    I recommend Alter/Ego. It's free except for the French vocals. I find it about as easy as Piapro Studio, but it is much lighter on CPU usage. I find it much easier for testing out melodies because it uses MIDI and works like any other instrument. It even works with keyboard (musical or the...
  6. Overcast Immortal

    Vocaloid Original: Filth Demo ft. Dex & Daina

    I wrote most of this song two years ago, and just these past few months I found the energy to slowly bring it into a reasonably polished state. I'm glad this song is finally out there. I've been enjoying it for a long time, and it has been one of the songs that help me when I have panic attacks...
  7. Overcast Immortal

    With fast tempos, how do I make English understandable?

    I will also recommend the velocity parameter. That's the main purpose of it. It shortens consonants so they don't end up swallowing short notes, or lengthens them for a more lax pronunciation.
  8. Overcast Immortal

    Your Favorite Ships?

    I particularly ship: Daina x Ruby :daina_lili: x :ruby_smile_lili: Daina x Maika :daina_lili: x :maika_lili: Luka x Gumi :luka_lili: x:gumi_lili: Luka x Ruko :luka_lili: x:yokuneruko_lili: Luka x Miku :luka_lili: x :miku_lili: Miku x Teto :miku_lili: x:teto_lili: Ruko x Teto...
  9. Overcast Immortal

    Best Covers You've Heard?

    I'd also like to share the most amazing cover of Error that I've ever heard. It's a piano version with Meiko as the lead vocal, and all the other Cryptonloids as backup vocals. I just found this cover a few minutes ago while mulling over whether I should buy Meiko while the sale is going on. The...
  10. Overcast Immortal

    Best Covers You've Heard?

    Here's a cover version of Palette, a hard rock song from Yuyoyuppe. Jirai did a fantastic job on the vocals, and this is my favorite version of the song. Jirai used Kanon and a little bit of Anon for this cover. And here's a cover of "S", another song from Yuyoyuppe, and this one is heavy...
  11. Overcast Immortal

    Question What Vocaloid should I buy as first?

    I also recommend getting a Crypton Vocaloid due to their versatility and coming with Piapro Studio. Meiko, Kaito, and Luka all come with English voice banks for somewhat less money compared with Miku or Rin and Len. One thing to be aware of is that Meiko and Kaito are V3's and I don't know if...
  12. Overcast Immortal

    Unpopular Opinions

    I generally don't mind sexy designs, but I also know it can be part of a larger problem of devaluing women. I would assume Cyalien has Sonika and some of GUMI's designs particularly in mind. If these were fleshed out characters and not just sexy images of women to sell a product, I'd be...
  13. Overcast Immortal

    Unpopular Opinions

    I wasn't aware they altered the samples. I figured it was just a matter of bad programming and the samples being handled poorly by the program. Do you have a link showing what they did to the samples?
  14. Overcast Immortal

    Entirely artificial UTAU voicebank

    There is also Sopichu Teigiga made from eSpeak, which is a text-to-speech service that is mostly artificial. Here's a duet between Defoko and Sopichu Teigiga: I'm also working on voice banks from eSpeak, but they don't sound as polished. Still fun to work on.
  15. Overcast Immortal

    How do you guys discover new VOCALOID music?

    It's quite the nightmare to find songs featuring Bruno. Luckily he's not exactly my favorite. I like him, but it's so hard to find songs with him because of his name. A bunch of Bruno Mars songs keep showing up instead. It's so much easier when they have very distinguished names.
  16. Overcast Immortal

    How do you guys discover new VOCALOID music?

    I use Youtube. Some people I'm subscribed to, but for the most part, I just do a search for whatever vocal synth or language I feel like listening to, and have Youtube show me the most recent uploads.
  17. Overcast Immortal

    Your Ideal Vocal Synth Engine?

    My ideal vocal synth engine contains multiple engines or renderers for more or less clarity and more or less robotic output. It is able to work as a sampled-based synthesizer or as an analysis of a voice bank like the first version of Vocaloid. It works in any DAW with very low system...
  18. Overcast Immortal

    The first UTAU you ever used?

    The first one I remember using intentionally was Hakaine Maiko. While trying to set up Maiko I ended up using Defoko due to not knowing how to use UTAU, so I suppose Defoko was the first one I used.
  19. Overcast Immortal

    Non-Vocal Synth Audio Software/Hardware Sale Thread

    After downloading, install it, then open it. A license manager app will then install with your permission. Then log in inside the license manager and put in your activation code. Easier said than done, though. I tried for 15 minutes to get it to accept my username and password, and even reset...
  20. Overcast Immortal

    Song that made you love certain vocaloid?

    This heavy metal song made me like Lily. Before, I thought Lily was just another generic Japanese Vocaloid. However, I find she can sing exceptionally beautifully and sounds very distinct despite her voice type being so common among Japanese Vocaloids. She also sings well in her low range, but...