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  1. Overcast Immortal

    Vocaloid Original: Filth Demo ft. Dex & Daina

    I wrote most of this song two years ago, and just these past few months I found the energy to slowly bring it into a reasonably polished state. I'm glad this song is finally out there. I've been enjoying it for a long time, and it has been one of the songs that help me when I have panic attacks...
  2. Overcast Immortal

    Only in Memory - Post-Metal ft. Marie Ork, NATA, and Bones

    It's been a rough five months since my last upload, but at least one song is now ready. This one starts out soft and ends hard. There is plenty of screaming in the second half.
  3. Overcast Immortal

    Panic Attack ft. Megurine Luka (drone metal original)

    It’s finally done and I’m excited to post this. It’s a very slow and heavy song. Yes, it is indeed 13 minutes long. The vocals start at 2:14. I wrote it to sound like a panic attack, which feels like impending doom. The genre is drone metal, which is the slowest and possibly heaviest subgenre...
  4. Overcast Immortal

    Backstabber - Instrument Post Rock/Metal

    I'm working on three Vocaloid drone metal songs featuring Dex, Daina, Maika, and Luka, but they're very big projects, with the longest being 13 minutes long. Until they're finished, I'm going to be uploading more instrumental songs that I've been holding onto for months.
  5. Overcast Immortal

    Swampwater - Instrumental Stoner Metal

    This song is heavier than most of what I've shared here, but it's not as dark as 続ける/Continue. The genre is stoner metal, which is a melodic and psychedelic subgenre of doom metal, which is pretty much what it sounds like; slow, plodding heavy metal. I myself find it uplifting, but then again I...
  6. Overcast Immortal

    Sometimes It's Five - Ambient Rock ft. DEX & MAIKA

    This song took a while to finish. It's an ambient mix of shoegaze and post-rock, and features nonsensical English singing from Dex, and chanted Spanish from Maika. It also has Marie Ork (of Alter/Ego) providing ambient growling in a very minor role, also in nonsensical English. My next song is...
  7. Overcast Immortal

    Forgotten Snow - Instrumental Ambient

    I wrote this song last summer, and originally envisioned it as a rock song, but quickly found piano and violin suited the song better, and helped make this this one of the most relaxing songs I've made. I just got to mixing this song in the past week, and I like how it turned out. I also have...
  8. Overcast Immortal

    続ける/Continue Original Metal ft. Megurine Luka, DEX, Bones, & Marie Ork

    Hello again! 続ける/Continue is my debut song for the Vocaloid and Alter/Ego communities. It features Luka and Bones in lead roles, and Dex and Marie Ork as backups. I wrote it entirely in Japanese, and the lyrics (including an English translation) can be found in the Youtube description. It’s a...
  9. Overcast Immortal

    At Least - Instrumental Dark Ambient

    I was planning on releasing my first Vocaloid song today, but it's behind schedule and will take at least a few more days, so here's "At Least". I wrote this song a few weeks ago, and finished the mix today. It's a very gloomy song, even by my standards. This is my first time sharing a video off...
  10. Overcast Immortal

    Hello, I'm a new producer

    Hello, I’m Overcast Immortal and I’ve been making music for a few years now, but just started putting my work out there. I specialize in doom metal, post rock, and ambient. I fell in love with Vocaloid in March, and I’m now making many songs with Vocaloid. I'll be uploading Vocaloid doom metal...