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  1. JellyBees

    Guess Below's Favourite VOCALOID

    Kiyoteru is one of my favorites! Hmmm... how about :seeu_lili:?
  2. JellyBees

    Hello~! '\(^w^)\,

    Thank you very much! :shirosakiyuudai_lili:
  3. JellyBees

    Hello~! '\(^w^)\,

    Thank you! Also hard to say what my favorite is, but I do use UTAU for maybe up to 3 years by now. As my favorite voice banks to use & tune are MatsudaPpoiyo and Mawarine Shuu. They are just hard to mix- And yet again thank you!
  4. JellyBees

    What's your favourite anime?

    I have a few that I love! Trigun (my current obsession), Cells At Work, Squid Girl, Erased, KADO: The Right Answer, No. 6, One Punch Man, Yuri!!! on Ice, Given, Kyousougiga, and Tiger and Bunny! More than a few, but I suggest to to watch them as they ended up being my favorites! Unless it's...
  5. JellyBees

    Hello~! '\(^w^)\,

    Thank you! :rin_smile_lIlI:
  6. JellyBees

    Hello~! '\(^w^)\,

    I'm really bad at these- Anyways- I'm Jelly-B! You may have seen me on Vocaloid Amino or maybe the UTAUforums? (both that I'm not active on anymore) and decided to move on to here! I just want to be more connected to the fandom than I was in the past. I just want to find a platform really-...