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Jun 5, 2019
Hello! I decided to open a thread for my commission info. :0


【General Info】
  • Payments are accepted in PayPal ONLY
  • Prices are listed in USD
  • Commissions are done in a first come, first serve basis
  • Queue of three slots per batch
  • Maximum of one character only
【Terms of Service】
Things I Can Draw
I can do:
  • Fanart
  • OCs, UTAUs, animanga characters
  • Humans
  • Simple armour
I cannot do:
  • NSFW, gore
  • IRL people, mechas, furries
  • Very muscular or extremely detailed characters
  • Overly complex poses
My art is not intended for commercial use whatsoever, unless you ask me for permission. Commissioners have the choice whether:
  • Only themselves can use the art
  • They also let others use the art aside from them
Time Duration
It takes me 2 ~ 4 days or a week to finish a commision - that is, if I have enough free time. It may take longer for me to complete commissions due to IRL stuff.

Usually I don’t do refunds, but in case something happens, I will give you a refund of your order.

So, how is the commission process done?
  1. Commissions can be ordered through this form here! Once I receive an order, I should be contacting you about it via email, such as notifying you that I have received your order, and that you are placed in a batch.
  2. Once I have received an order from you, I will give you my PayPal email so that you can make the payment upfront either before I start working or I finish working on the commission.
  3. As the commission is being worked on, I will send you WIP screenshots of it, such as a sketch. From there, you are free to tell me what changes I should make to it, so that it’s easier for me to work on the piece without making any mistakes in particular. This part ONLY APPLIES TO THE SKETCHING PHASE. Once that is over, I’ll be heading over to finish it up, so please tell me of any changes before moving on, otherwise I can’t make further changes when colouring!
  4. When I finish your order, I will give it to you in .png format, in its highest resolution. Feedback is always appreciated!

Headshot (a.k.a. profile image art)
Canvas size is 1550 x 1550 - 350 dpi.
  • Sketch only: $5 USD
  • Flat colours: $10 USD
  • Fully coloured: $15 USD
Portrait (a.k.a bustshot)
Canvas size is 1250 x 1700 - 350 dpi.
  • Sketch only: $10 USD
  • Flat colours: $20 USD
  • Fully coloured: $25 USD
Canvas size is 1500 x 2000 - 350 dpi.
  • Sketch only: $15 USD
  • Flat colours: $25 USD
  • Fully coloured: $30 USD
Canvas size is 2300 x 3500 - 350 dpi.
  • Sketch only: $20 USD
  • Flat colours: $30 USD
  • Fully coloured: $40 USD
Order Form
You can find it here! This is usually open when I am waiting to receive any orders.

Contact Me
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