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Apr 8, 2018
Discord Miku Bot Documentation

On the VocaVerse Discord server, we have a friendly face to help us around! None other than Hatsune Miku herself! :miku_move:
This bot is a bot created by RazzyRu with the help of many resources.
Miku has a variety of commands: to help users receive roles, give a random Vocaloid from a list, and interact to enjoy nice conversation.

All commands are NOT case sensitive, so you may use lower case or UPPER CASE to your liking.
The prefix before each command is: ~ OR -
As shown in the documentation below, please use a ~ OR - before each command.

Examples below that use ~ can alternatively use -.

~role ___
Fill in the blank with the role of your choice. Doing so will either add the role, or remove the role, depending on if you have the role or not.
For example, if you are looking to add a Producer role, you can use ~role producer to add it.
~role list
Brings up a list of available roles. Currently, the roles available are:
- Producer
- Musician
- Singer
- Tuner
- Artist
- Lyricist
- Listener

Random Vocaloid:
~random voca
Selects a random Vocaloid from a list of publicly and commercially released Vocaloids.
This function is helpful if you are not sure which Vocaloid to draw, or want to try something new.

~about OR ~help OR ~guide
Gives a brief about blurb from the Miku bot, as well as a short list of functions, and a note about the creator.

If you are ever curious about the rules for the Discord server, you can ask Miku to easily provide you a link with our complete list of rules.

Have Miku send you a message on Discord through DM. There are not many functions with this, but she's always available to send something to you.

~miku OR ~hello OR ~hi
Give Miku a hello, and she will give one in return.

~good morning OR ~おはよう OR ~morning
Say "Good morning" to the Miku bot. Miku will react with a 'Good morning' greeting in return.

~good afternoon OR ~こんにちは
Say "Good afternoon" to the Miku bot. Miku will react with a 'Good afternoon' greeting in return.

~good evening OR ~こんばんは
Say "Good evening" to the Miku bot. Miku will react with a 'Good evening' greeting in return.

~good night OR ~おやすみ
Say "Good evening" to the Miku bot. Miku will react with a 'Good night' message in return.

~i love you OR ~love OR ~大好き
Shares your love to the Hatsune Miku bot. The Miku bot will react in a few select random ways, and will express her gratitude to your thoughtful feelings.

~bye OR ~goodbye
Say good-bye to the Miku bot. Miku will give you a good-bye as well.

~元気 OR ~大丈夫 OR ~what's up OR ~how are you OR ~are you ok OR ~are you well
Check to see how Miku is doing, and she will respond.

~いってきます OR ~I'm off OR ~I'm leaving
Let Miku know when you are leaving, she will wish you well.

~ただいま OR ~I'm back OR ~I'm home
Let Miku know when you have returned, and she will welcome you back.

Rock, Paper, Scissors:
~rock OR ~paper OR ~scissors
Play a game of Rock, Paper, and Scissors with Miku. Pick between rock, paper, and scissors and see what Miku picks!

Profile Icon:
~icon OR ~profile
Shares what the Miku bot's current icon is from, provided by a link.

~pic ____
Send a picture by uploading or sharing a link to have Miku give a random reaction!
Fill in the blank with either the link, or by uploading an image.
NOTE: Image MUST be appropriate for the server.

~hachune OR ~はちゅね OR ~ハチュネ
Miku simply makes a Hachune Miku face

~ねぎ OR ~negi
Give Miku a negi and she will respond in reference to Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru~♪

~I'm sorry OR ~sorry
Did you make Miku upset without meaning to? You can send an apology. Thank goodness Miku has such a forgiving heart!

~birthday wish ______
Miku will give a birthday wish to the person typed after the words "birthday wish". For example, typing "birthday wish Rin" will result in Miku wishing Rin a happy birthday.

In case you need a reminder, Miku can let you know when her birthday is.

~happy birthday
Wish Miku a happy birthday!!

birthday OR 誕生日
Even just the message of the word makes Miku excited and want to celebrate! She will give you a cake if you say one of these words.

Miscellaneous functions. Some functions have an English and Japanese option: What language the Miku bot's message is in will depend on which option you choose.

~who OR ~だれ
Miku will give a brief introduction of herself.

~cute OR ~かわいい
Call Miku cute. She will react to your compliment!

~thank you OR ~ありがとう OR ~ty OR ~サンキュー
Express your thanks to the Miku bot. A good time to use this is after she has given you a role or given you assistance.

~口が痛い OR ~背が痛い OR 頭が痛い
Does something hurt? Let Miku know, and she will wish you feel better soon.

Need some motivation? Let Miku know, and she will cheer you on!

Whoa! Give Miku a spook with this command!

~Christmas list
For Christmas, ask Miku what she wants for Christmas!

The document is still in progress in detailing all available functions and commands. Please wait for the documentation to be complete!

The Miku bot is a bot created by RazzyRu. There were many references or resources used. If there is any feedback or questions, please contact RazzyRu, such as through DM or on Discord.
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