Suggestion For the Smilies~!


Apr 9, 2018
I was curious if you guys will organize the Smilies better. Mainly for lIlI. :kyo_ani_lili:
Like have the Halloween, Winter, and UTAUloids and the others in a different thread(?) like lIlI(2) or lIlI(Special) and for UTAUloid and Others as lIlI(Others)
I also want to have the happy versions of the Vocaloids option too! :ia_ani_lili:

Give me happy Arsloid, Kaito and others please! :meiko_ani_lili:

Thanks for reading! :lapis_ani_lili:


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Mar 7, 2018
I am planning to move all non-Vocaloid smilies into their own section now that there are so many. It's been needed for a little while now. :arsloid_ani_lili:

For the costumed characters I thought it was best to keep them with their respective Vocaloid since it allows people to find their favourites easily. However I have seen feedback from multiple places recently on how people want it changed, so I'll be looking into a more user-friendly way to organize it soon. Just know that it may take a little bit of time since they all have to be moved manually.

As for adding the happy versions in, lIlI intended those to just be for the medals, but I'll ask and see what their opinion is!